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We urgently need to raise funds for parenting programs, which help parents take control of their lives and create a warm, nurturing and loving home for their children, through training, support and education.

Last Christmas, Zoe* was in a terrible way: she and her two boys were in a dangerous domestic situation. She felt alone, but terrified to ask for help.

“I didn’t have a clue what was going to happen next. We needed a new home, new schools, new life. Thinking back to last Christmas, I remember I was afraid. I hoped there would never be one like it again”.

Determined to create a safe and loving place for her boys, Zoe reached out to AV, where she was introduced to a program to help manage children’s emotions in the home.

Zoe’s greatest hope is that her boys will grow up to be good, kind and respectful; that they won’t carry forward the violence.

“Everybody wants to be a good parent. Everybody’s trying to be a good parent. Everybody hopes for something brighter for their children. They may not necessarily have the tools or ideas or strategies to do it, but they will try if they’re given the opportunity. It’s as simple as that”. – Michelle, AV’s Parents Resource Coordinator at ParentZone.

With a simple act of generosity today, you can make a real, lasting impact to the lives of thousands of young and vulnerable Victorian families. Please donate now.

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*Name has been changed to protect privacy