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A crisis doesn’t change who we are. It reveals who we are.

“Who cares if I’m not here at the end of the day? Nobody cares. That was the attitude I had. But Sarah and Louise did care if I was alive or dead.” – Wendy

While the Coronavirus has pushed vulnerable families to breaking point, the economic crisis is going to be catastrophic. Will you donate to help them today?

Wendy and her son Jack* were homeless at the time. Alcoholism was slowly killing her, and after a violent fight, Jack’s father kicked them out of their home, without even letting them pack a bag.

She met AV counsellors, Sarah and Louise. She said she could tell they genuinely cared about her and wanted to hear her story. Wendy says this moment changed her life. 

“I lost it; I was just an emotional wreck … they sat in there with me until 6pm, just making sure I was all right, and talking me through everything, and telling me that I was a good mum.

Wendy still had a long road ahead of her, but the evidence is clear — there’s nothing more powerful in getting someone to turn their life around than the belief and support of another person.

Because if Wendy needed help at St Mark’s today, she’d still be shown the same level of care:

  • We’re delivering food and essentials weekly to families who are isolated
  • We supply clean clothes directly to people who need them
  • We are still assisting people with no homes, find a safe place to live
  • We refer people who need specialist support via the phone or online

That’s why we need your support to fund these increased efforts during these times. Please, will you make a gift today?

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*Name has been changed to protect privacy