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The impacts of COVID-19 on vulnerable families could last years.
Let’s ensure no Victorian is left behind.

Your donation will provide support in areas such as emergency relief, substance abuse, family services, and education support for young people continuing to struggle at school; helping to ensure no-one is left behind when the pandemic ends.

I felt scared, lonely, depressed. I was in a really bad way.
My girls kept asking, ‘Why are you crying, mum?’”

Your support could change someone’s life forever.
Someone like Annabelle* and her two girls.

When Annabelle first contacted AV in June 2020, she was emotionally exhausted, confused and struggling to cope. Her husband – who had been violent and abusive to her for years – had just committed suicide. She was so stressed she couldn’t grieve.

“When I first met Annabelle, I could see she was heading in a bad direction. Our early intervention stopped things from getting out of control. I remember she was crying but smiling because she finally had some support.” — AV Family Services Caseworker

AV helped Annabelle reconnect with her mother for support in caring for her girls. She was provided with a wide range of assistance; including essential clothing packages such as school shoes, and warm clothing, links to helplines, educational support, a classroom laptop and learning packs for the children and referrals to mental health support for the family.

“It felt good to be with a person outside of the mess who was genuinely helping. They didn’t judge. They listened; and helped me work through things, putting it into perspective.

Things are a lot better now. I am in a better space; I have a job, my girls are good. And last Christmas, we were with my family for the first time.” – Annabelle

Please donate today. A little can go a long way in turning a family’s future around.




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*Names have been changed to protect their privacy.