“Our TEACHaR^ worker Andy* has been the only consistent thread in Jamie’s education. He has catered teaching to his learning abilities and they have built the rapport that Jamie needed to engage with his learning.

TEACHaR is needed – I really see the benefit in it”. Jamie’s foster carer, Alyssa*

When he was just 18 months old, Jamie’s biological mother was unable to care for him. Then, when Jamie was ten, he was unable to remain in his foster placement and was ultimately placed in residential care.

Jamie felt lost in uncertainty.

As Jamie tried to deal with the impact of his life experiences, it brought out frustrated and destructive behaviour. Jamie would quickly become angry and disrupt his classroom. His primary school did not have the resources to support him; he had to leave.

That’s when Jamie was introduced to Andy, an Anglicare Victoria TEACHaR educator. Andy helped Jamie with his Year 6 schooling. He also provided the non-judgemental support Jamie needed during a very difficult time. Andy guided him as he transitioned into high school.

“Andy has been the most helpful person along my journey. He helped me when I was most down, when I was feeling very bad about myself. Without him I’d probably be down in ‘who-knows-where’. I wouldn’t have got this far without him.” – Jamie. 

Unfortunately there are many more children who still need access to TEACHaR, but there are insufficient funds.

Together, we can help children get back to the classroom.


^Transforming Education Achievement for Children and Young People in Home Based and Residential Care

*This story is true, but names have been changed