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With winter coming and the cost of living soaring, vulnerable families are facing impossible choices.

Find out how our Emergency Relief Services helped Jade and her family.

Every day more families are being pushed to their limits, forced to choose between absolute necessities – groceries to feed the kids or rent? A new parka for the little one or the overdue gas bill?

Will you help us be there for them when they run out of options?

Please, donate today to help Anglicare Victoria provide vital Emergency Relief Services to families in desperate need this winter.

After escaping family violence, Jade* worked hard to make ends meet and care for her two daughters.

But when COVID shut down her work, she ran out of food, money and options.

Thanks to people like you, we were able to provide immediate, tangible support to help her through the crisis.

Jade was just 18 when she married her high school sweetheart. “It was good at the start,” she recalls.

But as the years passed, her husband became manipulative, controlling and eventually physically abusive.

When the marriage broke down Jade was 36. She bravely managed to stay in the family home, so her two teenage daughters could continue going to the same school.

She put on a brave face for her girls, but her estranged husband continued to harass her. She took out an AVO and lived in constant fear of him breaking into the home.

To make ends meet, Jade worked casual hours as a retail assistant. With no child support from her husband and no savings, her wages didn’t go far and bills started to pile up.

Then another blow. COVID shut down the retail store. Jade’s shifts were cancelled and as a close contact she was forced to isolate with her daughters for two weeks.

With no income the family started running out of food.

“ I budget a lot and I always try to make ends meet the best possible way,” says Jade. “I never thought anything like this would ever happen to us. Everything just added up.”

Then Jade turned to our Emergency Relief Services, and with you by our side, we were able to provide immediate support.

We provided Jade with fresh food and toiletries, vouchers for petrol and more food, along with financial support to pay an outstanding energy bill. We also connected her with additional counselling and support services.

“It was really difficult to ask for help, but once I did Suzanne and the team made me feel worthy. I felt I could ask for what I needed without being ashamed,” says Jade.

Thanks to the support of people like you, Jade and her family was able to weather the crisis. She’s now resumed work at a retail store and taken on an additional job, more determined than ever to build a better life for herself and her girls, free from family violence.

The number of people like Jade seeking Anglicare Victoria’s Emergency Relief Services has tripled in the last 18 months.

Please, donate today to provide life-changing support so families in desperate need make it through their toughest times.

*Names have been changed to protect privacy.


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