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Victorian families are at breaking point as the demand on our services rapidly increases. Your support will help them get back on their feet.

Some families have parents who lost their jobs; some have lost their businesses, some families have buckled under the strain of COVID-19 and fallen apart. After a tough year, the financial and emotional pressure on these families is taking its toll.

With the JobKeeper and JobSeeker supplements coming to an end this March, more vulnerable people will experience acute hardship and stress.

Your donation will ensure we are there to assist an unprecedented number of families and individuals, like Isabelle*, in desperate need with financial counselling, budgeting, emergency grants and family support.
(Read Isabelle’s story below)

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Isabelle’s Story

*Isabelle is a business owner and single mother of two. Before the pandemic, she worked five days a week while her children were at school.

“Before COVID-19 I was comfortable. I was always able to make sure I had money in my account [for emergencies].”

When Victoria went into lockdown, Isabelle had to be home for her children, so running her business became difficult. She received the JobKeeper supplement, which helped in the short term, but her income was greatly reduced.

“I was very anxious because my business was deemed non-essential, which meant that I couldn’t send the kids to school, so I couldn’t work. Then the stress began.”

With the whole family at home during winter, Isabelle’s energy bill was much higher than expected.  

To make matters worse, her COVID-19 income supplement was about to be reduced. Isabelle became incredibly anxious about how she might provide for her children. The stress of bills, home-schooling and work pressure made it impossible for her to think straight.

Isabelle was put in touch with Anglicare Victoria. That’s when she met Maxx, a Financial Wellness Worker. Our trained and experienced financial support teams provide a friendly space to empower vulnerable families as they regain control of their finances.

“Maxx helped me a lot with the financial side of things which was obviously the main issue. My financial worries were weighing me down. Maxx and the team helped by finding crisis grants, creating budgets, and a rent reduction which was really, really good. The grant helped provide a laptop, high school textbooks and stationery for my oldest too.”

The support from Anglicare Victoria has allowed Isabelle to focus on re-establishing business connections, and she has since been successful in getting back to work.

*Name has been changed to protect privacy