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The coming financial year will lead to more people escaping family violence and dangerous situations than we have ever seen, as the impact of the pandemic continues to hurt families. Anglicare Victoria urgently needs more resources – to help support more families who break free.

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Christine’s Story

Please be advised that the following refers to family and domestic violence and may be triggering to some people.

For years, Christine* endured acts of family violence. But one day, she finally broke free.

When Christine left her home and ex-partner, she took back control of her life – and gave her son Leo* the chance of a new one.

Her Anglicare Victoria caseworker told her “You’ve just got to leave or you won’t survive.”

When Christine finally closed her front door – She had no money and no home. She left behind all her possessions. Christine worried how she would find a way to feed and clothe her young son.

Thanks to your gifts, Anglicare Victoria is there to help people when they escape family violence, and finally break free.

Finding safety for your family is only the first step to breaking free. A mum like Christine will suddenly find herself unable to provide everything her child needs to be happy and healthy.

Anglicare Victoria’s programs were in place to give Christine everything she needed when she escaped. But more resources are needed urgently.

Christine has worked with a number of Anglicare Victoria caseworkers and attended dedicated programs that have given her the skills she needs to raise Leo under these difficult circumstances.

Your support for our appeal can help provide:

  • Access to phone credit and a secure mobile phone so families can keep in touch with Anglicare Victoria caseworkers and emergency services if needed
  • Household essentials such as bedding, linen and toiletries for a family that has been forced to start again
  • School clothing, shoes, books and paper when children need to move to a new school
  • Furniture when all of the family’s possessions have been left behind
  • Tutors and aids to assist children to keep up at school

Donate today to help more families who break free.

Gifts of $2 or above are tax-deductible

*Christine is a real person and her story is true. Anglicare Victoria has changed their names to protect their privacy.

If you are in immediate danger, call 000 for Police and Ambulance help.

View family violence programs and services available through Anglicare Victoria.