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Many of the young people in our care have faced difficult challenges early in their lives. They’re vulnerable and need attentive care and support to thrive.

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Read Aiden’s inspiring story of transformation

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Aiden’s Story

From a background of trauma, family dysfunction and self-harm, Aiden’s* remarkable turnaround was made possible thanks to generous people like you.

At a young age, Aiden had faced many challenges. His father had passed away and his mother was living with mental health issues that meant she wasn’t able to care for her children.

Aiden was placed in foster care, but when his placement broke down, he found himself in Anglicare Victoria’s care. His case manager Ben* vividly remembers first meeting Aiden. He was not in a good state,” recalls Ben. “He was a young boy who’d just come out of some very traumatic years. He was suicidal.”

Ben and the Anglicare Victoria team got to know Aiden and came to understand the cause of his distress. Aiden was attending a special needs school, not suited to his high capabilities.  

With determination and persistence, the Anglicare Victoria team set about having Aiden’s learning ability re-evaluated, and did not give up until he was enrolled in a local mainstream school.

From the moment Aiden switched to mainstream school, his life began to change. He became a different person,” Ben says.

With people like you by our side, Anglicare Victoria has provided Aiden with the vital support and care he’s needed to thrive – not just at school, but in all aspects of his life.

“The team saw the potential in me…I couldn’t be here today without them,” says Aiden.

Over the last three and a half years Anglicare Victoria provided Aiden with the financial and in-person support he needed to thrive. This included tutoring, football referee courses, participating in local sports, martial arts classes and getting his learner’s permit and ID to set him up for the future

Today, Aiden is a happy, confident 17-year-old, busy with his school, sport and social life. He has his sight set on a career in sales.

When asked what’s changed since he came to Anglicare Victoria, Aiden beams. Everything! My mental health, my physical health, my knowledge, my discipline, my confidence – everything’s changed.”

Annually, Anglicare Victoria has over 200 young people like Aiden in our care.

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*Aiden is a real person and his story is true. Anglicare Victoria has changed their names to protect their privacy.