Corporate Support

We’re proud to provide corporate businesses with opportunities to meet their social responsibility objectives.

Whether you are a small to mid-size enterprise or a large multinational, Anglicare Victoria can work with you to facilitate genuine engagement with the community, and positive outcomes in both the short and long term.

By partnering with us, you’ll provide key support for Victoria’s most vulnerable children, young people and families. You’ll highlight the fact that your business is socially enlightened and committed to community improvement. You’ll develop community networks and promote your image in a positive way. You’ll discover a mutually beneficial collaboration. Here’s how:

Build positive connections

A genuine commitment to engaging the community through Anglicare Victoria can allow businesses to create long-term, meaningful connections across the full breadth of the community.

Drive change

By partnering with Anglicare Victoria, businesses can begin to understand the issues that are important to the communities they’re a part of. This can help in positioning businesses as catalysts for positive interaction and community growth.

Strengthen communities

Through collaborating with Anglicare Victoria, businesses can create relationships with individuals, groups and other like-minded businesses to create new opportunities for all involved.

Get involved

Businesses can make a significant positive impact on the lives of disadvantaged people within the community, through:

Corporate partnerships

Align yourself with Anglicare Victoria, to contribute skills, funds or other resources through events, community programs and initiatives.

Corporate volunteering

Contribute resources to assist us in providing services to disadvantaged Victorian children, adolescents and families.

Employee fundraising and donations

Hold intra-office drives and events in order to contribute to our fundraising efforts.

In-kind donations of goods and pro-bono work

Contribute time, goods or resources to assist us in our various initiatives that support the community.

For further information on any of these opportunities, or details as to how your business can get involved with Anglicare Victoria, please contact us on 9412 6157.

Our Supporters

“We share Anglicare Victoria’s commitment to continuous improvement and development and are honoured to be part of Anglicare Victoria’s commitment to these values through our sponsorship of these awards.”