How do I make a charitable bequest?

Gifting to Anglicare Victoria

A charitable bequest is a gift stated in your Will, usually a fixed asset or percentage of assets bequeathed to a charity or organisation after passing. These gifts can make an invaluable contribution to the health and welfare of communities no matter the size.

There is no need to donate thousands of dollars to your chosen charity. Many individuals will allocate a small amount each year through their Will, with each contribution helping to build and sustain non-profits and charities.

Many families and children need someone to speak up for the needs, and it is Anglicare Victoria’s goal to create the platform, resources, and accessibility to help these communities reach their potential.

Anglicare Victoria relies on donations of any kind, and your gift can help us to make a lasting impression on Victorian families, children & young people.

How do I make a charitable bequest?

If you are creating your Will, our Gifts in Wills team can talk you through every step and discuss your available options. Our dedicated team can also help with the suggested wording to best communicate and achieve your hopes and aspirations.

We always recommend that you talk to your family members, lawyer/solicitor and/or your financial adviser when developing or updating your will. If you have an existing Will that you wish to amend you can speak to your solicitor about drafting a Codicil. This means you won’t have to completely rewrite your will. Our Gifts in Wills team can provide you with a copy of our Codicil Instruction Guide were you to choose to bequest a gift to Anglicare.

Where your gift will go

All gifts received will go directly into funding and supporting the services that our charity provides to the community. If you have a special interest in one service or area, you can specify where these funds would go, and we will allocate them appropriately.

Our team can talk you through your options and speak in confidence about what you would like to contribute or gift. We have a selection of resources which we can send you if you wish.

Make a meaningful impact on your community

The incredible work that Anglicare Victoria achieves would not be possible without our community. A charitable bequest is a meaningful way to leave a final lasting impact, and a legacy, on an organisation close to your heart.

Anglicare is heavily reliant on financial support from communities to allow for our services and support for families, young people and children in Victoria.

By contributing to Anglicare Victoria you are helping us to fund programs, including:

We are incredibly grateful for the contribution and support of our donators, volunteers and staff and hope to continue providing essential services for families, children and young people needing support.

If you would like to find out more information on how to bequest a gift to Anglicare Victoria in your will you can get in touch with our dedicated gifts in wills team.

Peter Burt available Mon-Thurs

Direct line: (03) 9412 6197

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