Anglicare Victoria Chief Executive says Royal Commission recommendations are a game changer for Australia.

Anglicare Victoria Chief Executive Paul McDonald has responded to the Royal Commission into Family Violence, saying it is a game changer for Australia and praising Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews on the leadership he has shown on behalf of all Australian women and children affected by family violence.

After 13 months hearing from 220 victims and producing the comprehensive 1900-page report, yesterday the Royal Commission released 280 recommendations to help overhaul Australia’s family violence support system.

“Overall, the recommendations are a game changer for the system and the victims. Each day Anglicare Victoria responds to incidents of family violence and these incidents only seem to be increasing,” says Mr McDonald.

The Royal Commission identified Anglicare Victoria’s Beyond the Violence program as one of the few programs in Victoria that directly work with both the mother and child to strengthen the parent-child relationship and rebuild family relationships after experiencing family violence. Support for both mother and child was identified by the Royal Commission as “Best Practice”.

The program has been working hard to implement measures that suggest an effective response to the post-crisis period for both women and children is for them to receive therapeutic interventions together.

“Beyond the Violence program attendees report significant, often life-changing benefits – 80% of those we surveyed reported an improved relationship with their child and 87% reported their parenting improved after attending the program,” says Mr McDonald.

“At the end of the day, safety for victims is paramount and it is now up to us all to continue to work effectively to prevent family violence,” says Mr McDonald.

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