Anglicare Victoria Partnership Group: A New Era

The Anglicare Victoria Auxiliaries have been in existence since the coming together of three former agencies that formed Anglicare Victoria in 1997: The Mission to the Streets and Lanes in 1886, The Mission of St James and St John in 1919, and St John’s Homes for Boy’s and Girl’s in 1921.

In their heyday there were 72 auxiliaries associated with local parishes. These auxiliaries provided financial support through fundraising, provision of food, emergency relief and practical support to children and families in need. However, due to an ageing population within the parishes and the diversification of the population, this number came down to just three.

After a meeting of 17 representatives from four parishes in March this year, organised by The Archdeacon for Parish Partnerships, the Venerable Jan Crombie, the Anglicare Victoria Partnership Group (AVPG) was born. “It’s about continuing the foundational energy and passion for the work of Anglicare in a network framework. Hopefully this will revitalise parishes in their support and attract a new generation of Anglicare advocates in the community,” said Jan.

The AVPG was launched on July 21st at St John’s Camberwell Anglican Church following a thanksgiving service that was held to pay respects to the former auxiliaries. Mrs Marjorie Taylor belonged to one of the first Anglicare Auxiliaries at St Margaret’s Eltham, from the days of the Mission to the Streets and Lanes. “It’s all about people in need,’ the 97 year old said. “That hasn’t changed and we all need to contribute to that.”

Under the AVPG model, a minimum of three people can register as a local support group to raise funds and advocate for the work of Anglicare Victoria. If you wish to form an AVPG within your local parish or your local area or suburb, please contact us at or phone 9412 6133.

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