Celebrating 25 years of working for better at Anglicare Victoria

Twenty-five years after Anglicare Victoria was formed by the amalgamation of three Anglican missions – and 135 years since the first Anglican Mission was established in Melbourne – one thing remains the same.

Paul McDonald, CEO of Anglicare Victoria, said the agency’s focus on seeking positive change on behalf of the members of our community who need a hand up is at the core of the work it has done every day since being created in 1997.

“In the last quarter of a century, Anglicare Victoria has grown to employ three times as many people and provide critical support to many more regional communities in distant corners of the state,” Mr McDonald said.

“We now help more than 10 times as many people struggling with family violence, have grown to be the largest provider of financial counselling and have a thriving culture of innovation.

“Celebrating 25 years of Anglicare Victoria is a testament to all the people who make the organisation what is it today. This includes our caring and dedicated staff, our generous donors, our volunteers, partners, advocates, and of course, all the children, young people and families we have supported along the way,” he said.

Anglicare Victoria was formed in 1997 by the amalgamation of three Anglican missions: The Mission to the Streets and Lanes of Melbourne (established 1886), Mission of St James and St John (1919) and St John’s Homes for Boys and Girls (1921). Mr McDonald said the organisation had grown since then to become a leader in areas such as foster care, family services, education support, parenting skills, drug and alcohol support, food relief and the development of new therapeutic programs based on clinical evidence.

“Real world problems don’t fit into neat boxes. Family life is complex, so we provide a broad range of services to overcome the challenges we know people come up against,” he said.

The Most Reverend Dr Phillip Freier, President of the Council and Archbishop of Melbourne said that Anglicare Victoria’s work today is the continuation of a faithful mission to serve and care for Victoria’s under-served and marginalised families and children over 130 years ago.

“The love and kindness that drove our care so many years ago remains as strong today, in our staff, volunteers, parishes and friends. The same generosity of spirit can be seen in our work every day, in every centre,” Dr Freier said.

“Anglicare Victoria has made significant progress since the unification of our holy Missions in 1997. With our faith and drive to serve steadfast, our care for the vulnerable members of this community will continue to make a genuine difference in God’s world.”

More information about Anglicare Victoria’s 25th anniversary can be found on the Anglicare Victoria website.

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