Debra and Frank share their Foster Care story

In the late 80s, Debra and Frank first discussed the idea of foster care after seeing a TV advertisement calling for families to provide a home for children with additional needs.

The couple undertook the required care training, knowing that they could provide a loving home to children who require a little extra support.

Image of two parents with three children

Four-year-old James* arrived a couple of months later, and the couple suddenly found themselves on a steep learning curve.

“It was challenging to begin with – I have to be honest – but there was no way we were going to give up on him,” Debra said.

“James is the sort of person who wants to be involved in everything, so we promised ourselves that he would have all the same opportunities as other children his age. Once he settled into his new environment, we got him into basketball and bike riding.”

Thirty-two years later, James is now living and working in Western Australia. He still loves biking. He receives support in managing his finances to ensure he can pay his bills and rent on time and budget for groceries, but he is otherwise independent. Debra and Frank continue to care for other foster children.

“The key is to stay positive and know there is support available when you need it. We don’t know what we’d be doing now if we weren’t caring for these children.”

If you’re interested in becoming a foster care with Anglicare Victoria, visit for information or call 1800 809 722.

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