AV’s expertise and experience in frontline work uniquely places our organisation to understand the needs of our clients. This knowledge supports the programs we create, the way we inform local, state and federal government, and the specific needs we fundraise for. But it’s also important to understand the needs, interests and hopes of our supporters. Through thick and thin, it’s our loyal supporters who show up and keep our services going. So, in October 2020, AV made contact and welcomed their feedback.

“We are impressed with the genuine dedication, commitment, professionalism and Christian care shown by all Anglicare personnel in responding to the complex needs of today’s communities” – AV donor

Supporter feedback was encouraging and constructive, with their satisfaction rating high across many metrics. Topics close to the hearts of our donors include Family Service, Homelessness Support Services and Emergency Relief.
Thank you to all who shared their valuable feedback.

“I admire Anglicare’s approach to new challenges that arise from time to time. Innovation seems to be in-built into the organisation” – AV donor

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