Eleven-Year Old Raises Money for Anglicare Victoria


Eleven-year-old Jake has raised almost $3,000 to buy swag beds for Anglicare Victoria’s breakfast program for the homeless in Ballarat.

Jake raised the funds by selling homemade Happiness Advent Calendars that feature happy quotes and jokes instead of chocolate.

Jake has always been concerned about people who are homeless and wanted to do something to help them out. “I’ve been given the gift of a home and a loving and caring family. Some people in the world don’t really have that, so it means a lot to me that people who are homeless have somewhere to sleep,” he said.

Jake’s mum Emma said that from a very early age Jake was always wondering how he could help out. “We looked into volunteering at the local soup bus but volunteers have to be over 18. So the idea of our Happiness Advent Calendars was born. Jake has carefully chosen a selection of quotes that he hopes will make people smile and I have designed them up into cute little cards,” Emma said.

Jake and Emma plan to continue selling their Happiness Advent Calendars this Christmas.

To find out more and order your Happiness Advent Calendar, click through here

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