After the violence. Please donate to support women fleeing violent homes

Christine* had tried many times to escape the violence. Every time it was dangerous and difficult. In the end, she did it for her son Leo*. When Christine left her home and partner, she took back control of her life – and gave Leo the chance of a new one. She broke free.

When Christine finally closed her front door with Leo tightly squeezing her hand, the hardest part was yet to come. She had no money and no home. She left behind all her possessions. Christine worried about how she would find a way to feed and clothe her young son.

Thanks to your gifts, Anglicare Victoria is there to help families when they escape family violence and finally break free. After the pandemic, we are experiencing high demand for these services. We urgently need to raise $500,000 before June 30th for families in desperate need.


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