Fostering siblings – How Jenny & Tony went from no kids to four kids in the space of three months.

Jenny and Tony Missen, met and got married in their early forties, but always thought they probably would have liked to have children. An episode of Home & Away prompted them to have a discussion about foster caring and whether it was something they could do.

Jenny and Tony got the ball rolling with their accreditation after seeing an advertisement for carers willing to provide a forever home to four siblings aged 10, 12, 15 and 16.

The pair was deemed a suitable fit, and went from having no kids to four kids in the space of three months. The family quickly moved to a larger home in Lysterfield South, so each child could have their own bedroom.

Jenny said: “Family is incredibly important to Tony and I, we both come from big families. In my own family, my mother had four foster brothers and sisters who were all adopted. Our extended family has completely embraced the kids since they moved in with us, they’re completely part of the family, we’ve been incredibly lucky.

“Fostering has been an amazing journey, you don’t always know what the next day is going to bring. There are some really tough times but these get outweighed by the fun times and when you can see you are making a difference to their lives. In November I made the decision to give up work, it was tough, but in the best interest of the kids – they have responded well with routines, it helps them to know what’s ahead of them.

“Our Anglicare Victoria case manager is just incredible and we’ve developed a fantastic network of support. We’ve learnt to accept help when it’s offered – as it will be needed!”

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