Live-In Mentor needed to help support Bobby into independent living

Bobby is a very bright and intelligent 16 year old.

He is working hard to complete VCE and plans to go to University. He is sporty, loves playing basketball, ping pong, listens to music and is very creative. Like any other typical 16 year old, he needs support and guidance.

We need a mentor to help Bobby and live with him in a new home. We need you to help get Bobby off to school and assist him with all the practical things he would need to complete VCE.

You can still work/study and go about your daily life but would need to be available when needed – most evenings and during the weekends. You would act as a positive role model and work on forming a positive relationship with him. This might be going to the movies or to a Café regularly or a movie marathon night…be creative!

You would need to support around the house with things like helping him with cooking, cleaning and washing a few nights a week. You would need to help Bobby build on his skills to eventually do all these things himself, live on his own, and get a full time job.

If you could see yourself helping Bobby, then please contact us for further information.

All live in mentors would live rent-free and have utilities paid for. There are also other children and young people who need volunteer support.

If you think you could make a difference in their lives, please contact:

Natalie Nasr

8470 9999 or 0419 603 449


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