Supporting parents through the pandemic

ParentZone provides parents and carers with a broad range of parenting strategies to help them feel more confident and in control. The topics covered include general parenting, early interventions for vulnerable families, support for the reunification of children, and specific topics for families impacted by violence.

“Thank you. This was a great opportunity to support me through COVID-19 and see the differences in each child with autism and how it appears with girls. I really would love to keep communication with this group.” – Jennifer*, ParentZone’s Living with Autism program

“I would like to thank this course. It has been such a therapeutic journey for me to recognise all my childhood experiences. It has brought them all to the table for me to acknowledge and address them. I can now give my son the childhood that I wanted. Also, it has strengthened the co-parenting bond between his mother and me. We can now both speak freely of our shortcomings and discuss how we can parent in a better way.” – James*, ParentZone program

*Name has been changed to protect privacy


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