Unconditional support when they need it the most

Residential care is a critical part of the out-of-home care (OoHC) system. The homes offer vulnerable young people the support they need at the most challenging points in their lives. Numerous services and carers provide safety and nourishment in a supportive setting to help our young people develop positive relationships and feel safe and accepted, no matter what.

Teenage girl with backpack on smiling to the camera

“We’re there for the real high-needs kids, and we don’t give up on them. We do everything we possibly can to support and nurture and help them grow into lovely adults. Standing with them, hand in hand, through those tricky years is vitally important. They can achieve great things in life.” —Trevor Dray, Program Manager, Residential Care

Andrew* is a young man with autism and learning difficulties. His challenges with controlling his emotions led to him being placed at one of AV’s therapeutic residential care homes. With the help of dedicated support services, AV successfully reunified Andrew with his family in 2021.

“Thank you for letting me become the parent I needed to be to have my son back. Thank you for taking care of him and teaching him the skills, and bringing him to a place so that we can live as a family again.” — Andrew’s father

*Name has been changed

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