What is Buldau Yioohgen?

Buldau Yioohgen (meaning Big Dreams in the Woiwurrung language), is a program that facilitates and supports young First Peoples across Victoria, to realise their full potential through cultural activities, education, and training, with exposure to several career pathways supported by our partner organisations.

The program is partially funded by Anglicare Victoria and many philanthropic donors, and supported by in-kind donations, career experiences, work experience and volunteer opportunities through our partner organisations. We partner and walk alongside other Aboriginal lead organisations to enhance the lives of Aboriginal young people to instil a sense of pride in walking in both worlds. Linking young people with Elders, industry and cultural experiences with partner organisations including Tennis Australia, Tennis Victoria, Fire Rescue Victoria, Victoria Police, ANZ, North Melbourne Football Club, Complete Office Supplies (COS), Darley and Godolphin. Our young people gain a greater connection to, and pride in their culture, and understand the importance of becoming leaders in their community, making a lasting and positive impact.

What are the four stages of the program?

Moondani – Embrace

Young people start their journey by embracing Culture through referral to the program and attending a range of Buldau Yioohgen’s one-day community events and workshops, which are open to Anglicare Victoria and non-Anglicare Victoria clients.

Balit – Strength

Our Aboriginal staff, Elders and community members provide our young people with the cultural learnings of our Ancestors to strengthen their connection to culture and community., whilst empowering and building resilience in who they are as Aboriginal young people walking in two worlds.  Our Culture on Court program run along with our one-day cultural workshops and school holiday programs, is led by Elders and Aboriginal staff in culturally safe environments that allow community to come together and celebrate Culture.

Ngarra Jarra – Heal

As a result of colonisation, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people were denied access to their culture, which has resulted in devastating consequences.  The loss of knowledge being passed down from generation to generation as well as the loss of language and the forced removal of children from their families, has resulted in overwhelming trauma. Ngarra Jarra is a time for healing on Country.

Nyarrn-Gak-Go Ngulu-ik – Hear my Voice

Buldau Yioohgen created Nyarrn-Gak-Go Ngulu-ik to form a youth committee to empower and raise the aspirations and leadership skills of our Aboriginal young people who have come through the Buldau Yioohgen Leadership Academy. The young people will individually bring a diversity of perspectives and lived experiences which will contribute to building confidence, connection, character, and further leadership skills.

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