For the past 20 years, Anglicare Victoria’s Peaceful Warriors Program has been working with the community to offer group mentoring for boys aged 9-16 years.

The program focuses on three key themes:

  • Mentoring – a team of volunteer men offer a supported environment for boys to gain insights into healthy masculinity by experiencing positive role models, teamwork, and reflection on friendships.
  • Activity – facilitators use high energy challenges as a way to reflect on how one can meet obstacles in our lives.
  • Education – each week facilitators run psychosocial educational sessions focusing on relationships and emotional awareness.

There is No Fee to attend.

Programs run over 8 weeks within the scheduled Victoria school terms

  • Age group (13-16 years) Term 1 & 3
  • Age group (9-12 years) Term 2 & 4

Peaceful Warriors Vision

It has been well established that boys need men in their lives to be able to grow with confidence into manhood. Boys need positive and consistent role models who can provide reference points as young men develop in to adulthood.

Participants may have experienced family violence, family mental health, a family member alcohol and drug use or may have limited or no contact with a significant male role model. As a result, boys may have limited capacity to develop self-esteem, regulate emotions, learn respectful social skills, and are often disengaged from school, family and community. The program is a significant step in preventing further violence and negative behaviours. By fostering safe and nurturing relationships with caring male adults, the program is a significant step in preventing further violence and negative behaviours.

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