Anglicare Victoria invites people with a genuine interest to consider foster caring. If you are over the age of 21 and have an available room, you can enquire and apply for foster caring. All placements are considered based on the needs of both carers and children so you can continue working or maintaining your lifestyle if it suits.

The very first step

Foster caring is an incredibly rewarding experience for people who want to play a part in the community and make a genuine difference to a child’s life. If you are good with children and young people, foster caring can significantly help families in need of support. You will develop skills of empathy and compassion and create a supportive, safe environment for a child.

The first step to being a foster carer, however, is to understand the commitment you are making, and know how much time, patience and compassion you will need put in. It isn’t for everyone, but if you are eager to make a difference to someone’s life, it can be an incredibly wonderful experience. While you can still manage work and lifestyles outside of caring, you will need to be prepared to invest time into caring for a child or young person.

Training available

All carers must attend 16 hours of compulsory training during their application, but ongoing training will be required depending on the child or individual you are placed with.

Steps of becoming a foster carer

  1. First contact with your agency: Once you submit your enquiry form your local agency will contact you.
  2. Information session: We then invite you to attend a session which will address everything you need to know about becoming a foster carer.
  3. Paperwork and checks: Everyone in your household is required to complete a Police Check, Working with Children Check and a Health Check, as well as provide us with referees. We also ask applicants to write a life story.
  4. Training: There are 16 hours of compulsory training available to help you understand and prepare for all the expectations of a carer.
  5. Home visits and assessments: We will visit your household and make assessments on your suitability to house a child or young person. We want to make sure your living situation meets all the criteria for fostering.
  6. Accreditation panel: Our accreditation panel is made up of representatives from your foster care agency as well as at least one representative from The Department of Health and Human Services. The panel will review your application and training.
  7. Accreditation and review: If your accreditation goes through, you will then fill out a code of conduct. Your accreditation lasts 12 months and will be reviewed annually.
  8. Placement: Once you have been approved, we will contact you when we have a child or young person suitable. This period is called placement.

Resources before enquiring

Before you enquire about fostering, we ask that you read the information on expectations of foster caring.

Anglicare Victoria

Mum with childAnglicare Victoria has a purpose to empower and support children, young people and families to reach their full potential. We provide support services, foster caring and financial counselling to aid families from all over Victoria. We believe in creating equal opportunities, and encouraging and promoting diversity and inclusion across our institute.

We value diversity and welcome people no matter your race, gender, religion or sexuality and thrive on our community’s continual support. If you would like to support us through foster caring, read our information for prospective carers booklet. If you require additional support, reach out on 1800 809 722.

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