Anglicare Victoria Research Ethics Committee (AVREC)

The Anglicare Victoria Research Ethics Committee (AVREC) was established to meet Anglicare’s responsibility for research governance and ethical review.

AVREC is no longer considering applications for projects that do not involve sampling of Anglicare Victoria clients (current/former), staff or volunteers, or service data. If your proposed project does not involve such sampling, we will not be able to consider it and you will need to apply to another ethics committee.

It functions to protect the rights of research participants and promote ethical human research both within and outside of the Agency. AVREC is registered with the National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) and operates under the principles outlined in the National Statement on the Conduct of Human Research.

It is fully constituted as an independent HREC and is able to review both internal and external research projects.

External applications that do not involve access to Anglicare Victoria staff, clients and/or data are reviewed for a fee. Information about the fee structure can be found in the Guide to Ethics Review.

This document also contains information about the processes that AVREC follow, including details about the:

  • Need to seek approval from the Anglicare Victoria Executive Management Group prior to submitting an application to conduct research with Anglicare Victoria staff or clients, or to access Anglicare data
  • Circumstances under which an expedited out-of-session review is possible
  • Fee structure associated with low and moderate/high risk projects
  • Review process, including estimated time from receipt of application to full approval

Projects that have already received institutional HREC approval from a university but are seeking to access Anglicare Victoria staff, clients and/or data still need to be reviewed by AVREC.
The review process is expedited, in recognition that institutional HREC approval has already been granted. The aim of the expedited process is to ensure that the benefits of participating in the research, for the participants and for Anglicare, outweigh any potential risks.

It also allows a committee with extensive expertise in the area of child and family welfare to assess the risks associated with participating, as well as the process of obtaining informed consent, particularly for vulnerable clients. Researchers are advised to consider the additional time that is required for this process when establishing their project timelines.

If a project has been approved by an institutional HREC, researchers are advised to submit the following information to AVREC:

  • A copy of the completed application form
  • A copy of any requested amendments, along with information of how those amendments were addressed
  • A copy of the final letter of full approval
  • Copies of Plain Language Statement/ Participant Information Sheets, consent forms, interview schedules or protocols, questionnaires, surveys etc
  • Copies of recruitment material

AVREC submission and meeting dates – 2017

AVREC meets on the third Wednesday of the month, so long as there are applications to review. Below is the schedule of submission and meeting dates for 2017.
Please note that applications received after the submission date for a particular month will not be reviewed until the subsequent month’s meeting.


AVREC submission and meeting dates – 2017

Unless a project has received institutional HREC approval, all ethics applications need to be submitted on the AVREC application form.

For projects involving access to Anglicare Victoria staff, clients and/or data, an Executive Approval form must be submitted for review and approval prior to the ethics application form. If the Anglicare Victoria Executive Management Group approves the project, it can then proceed to ethics review. This process applies to all projects involving our staff, clients and/or data, regardless of whether university or institutional HREC approval has already been obtained.

All researchers must also complete a Research Risk Assessment Form prior to completing the ethics application. Once received, the AVREC Secretariat will contact the researcher to discuss whether the project will need to proceed to full review, or whether it can be reviewed out of session, through an expedited process.

AVREC forms

Who to contact?

If you have any queries regarding the process of ethics review at Anglicare Victoria, please contact Dr. Tatiana Corrales, Principal Researcher via email or phone (03) 9412 6105 or Adele Bergin (Research Officer).

All forms should be submitted to