Research and Research Ethics

Anglicare Victoria carries out internally led research and service evaluation projects, and at times facilitates universities, Government and other stakeholders sampling our clients, staff, volunteers and/or service data as part of external research and service evaluation projects.

All proposed research and service evaluations, internal and external, must undergo a process of ethical review prior to being authorised by Anglicare Victoria executive management. In accordance with National Health and Medical Research Council guidelines, this ethical review may comprise a process of managerial assessment within Anglicare Victoria – for low-risk projects only – or review by a formally constituted human research ethics committee (HREC) in addition to the process of managerial assessment within Anglicare Victoria.

Proposed research and service evaluation projects – where these are greater than low risk to participants – will not receive managerial approval without ethical clearance having been granted by a human research ethics committee (HREC).

This clearance may be from the Anglicare Victoria Research Ethics Committee (AVREC), or from another formally constituted HREC – such as one provided by a university.

AVREC also considers research ethics applications for projects being carried out by our sector partners, including members of the Centre For Excellence in Child and Family Welfare’s Outcomes, Practice and Evidence Network (OPEN).


If you wish to sample Anglicare Victoria clients, staff, volunteers and/or service data for a research or service evaluation project, or you are a member of OPEN wishing to submit an ethics application to AVREC, please contact David Giles on

If you would like to give feedback, including complaints, in regard to research or evaluation activities facilitated, participated in or approved by Anglicare Victoria or the Anglicare Victoria Research Ethics Committee, please email or complete the online form here. Any complaints will be managed in accordance with our complaints management process. Call us on 03 9412 6133 or email us to request more information about this process.