What is the Best charity to donate to?

Charitable Donations

A charitable donation is a meaningful way for you to contribute to a cause that’s close to your heart. Any, and all donations can make a significant difference to supporting those in need with funds being allocated to directly fund the programs and services provided.

Anglicare Victoria has over 45 sites across the state and over 1700 volunteers and staff helping us to support tens of thousands of children, families, and young people. We also provide online support, at-home care, and in-community services.

Just as it is our aim to provide support for our community, we rely on our community to help us continue to commit to our mission

Make a lasting difference

The best charity to donate to is unique to every individual. Choosing an organisation and avenue that is close to your heart will make it more meaningful for you. Anglicare provides a range of programs and services to support those requiring financial aid, emergency relief, education support, foster care, and other impactful services. Your donation is used to fund these programs and empower families, children, and young people in need.

How to donate

Anyone can donate to our organisation, and we value and rely on all gifts received. Your support goes towards funding our essential programs and services at-home, in-office and across community spaces.

Please visit our donation page and choose to gift an amount one-off or offer ongoing donation at an amount of your choosing. Any gift $2 or above is tax deductible.

Making a bequest

Anglicare’s programs and services would not be possible without the financial support and donations of our community. We are incredibly grateful for any donation made, and all support goes towards funding our service. With your help we can continue to change the lives of families, children, and young people in need. Our dedicated Gifts in Wills team can provide you with all the information and guidance you need to make a charitable bequest.

For any information about including a Gift in your Will to Anglicare Victoria please call:

Peter Burt (Mon – Thu) | Phone Line: (03) 9412 6197 | Mobile: 0499 002 924
Mary Croxford (Tue – Fri) | Phone Line: (03) 9412 6006 | Mobile: 0419 439 038
Email: giftsinwills@anglicarevic.org.au

Our services span across education, alcohol and drug support, financial counselling, and parenting support, as well as the essential foster care that our volunteers provide. By contributing to Anglicare you are helping us to fund our programs, including:

Help us provide the best care for those in need

We are incredibly grateful that you have considered donating to Anglicare Victoria. Your contribution helps us fund essential programs and supports our community.

Donate online today or find out more about how you can make a difference by contacting our team. If you are looking for guidance or support please call us on 1800 809 722.

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