Programs and courses to help carers and parents develop and strengthen their parenting skills.

Parenting is the most important and challenging job in today’s rapidly changing world – but children and young people don’t come with a handbook.

At ParentZone, we offer all carers and parents a chance to develop and strengthen their parenting skills and create positive change in their family. We provide free parenting groups, workshops, resources, and training for parents and the professionals who work with them. Our skilled and experienced facilitators tailor the sessions to meet the interests of each group.

ParentZone programs cater to all ages and stages, from newborns to teenagers. Programs address the stages and challenges faced by parents including family violence and mental health. Key programs are also offered in multiple languages. They are usually held across the state in schools, kindergartens, community houses, and churches but due to current restrictions are being held online.

In 2019 ParentZone sessions supported over 8000 people. Read the ParentZone brochure

What a Parenting Program can assist with:

  • Improve communication and understanding between carers and children.
  • Feel more prepared for the different ages and stages of childhood.
  • Learn new ideas and strategies to shape children’s behaviour positively and develop their potential.
  • Strengthen relationships within the whole family.
  • Foster stronger relationships while dealing with loss, disability, trauma, separation or divorce.
  • Empower children to deal with their emotions.
  • Build a more resilient family that can grow together.

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Examples of Parenting Programs offered:

Parents Building Solutions (PBS) aims to strengthen parent-child relationships and increase parents’ capacity in responding effectively to children’s behaviour by building skills and confidence. Parents Building Solutions is a holistic approach to parenting which encourages parents to focus on their values and beliefs, to set goals for their family, and to choose the strategies that work for them.

Beyond the Violence (BTV) is a program for adult and child survivors of family violence. It helps families establish safety, rebuild relationships and move forward with their lives. The BTV program is conducted with two groups running simultaneously – one for parents and one for children.  Both groups offer parents and children the opportunity to share and learn ways to cope with particular behaviours in age appropriate ways to encourage engagement. Learn more about programs for parents and children who have experienced family violence.

As a mum to four kids under five, Kirsty often found herself losing her cool.

“I would find myself getting agitated and go straight to the default of yelling. But now I have learned to recognise when I am getting agitated before it escalates and to make my expectations clear using calm, positive language.”

Read about how ParentZone helped Kirsty

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