ECO Foster Care

ECO foster care is a specialist form of care provided to young people between the ages of 12 and 17 in need of extra support.

The ECO program is designed for carers who can provide additional and ongoing support for children and young people, and is advisable that you are aware of and excited by the challenging but rewarding experience.

Expectations for ECO foster care:

  • Provide a stable and nurturing home environment for children
  • Offer ongoing emotional support for the child
  • Support the child in educational and recreational activities
  • Participate in all ongoing training and education for foster caring
  • Ensure each child maintains their connection to their community

The main aspects of ECO Foster Care are:

  • A therapeutic approach to care. Carers will work with a range of professionals to best support young people
  • Highly supported, daily contact with the case manager and other support staff
  • 9-12 month placement with the same child
  • Flexibility, carers need to be available for their foster child
  • Focused on children ages 12-17

The ECO program does ask for a longer commitment that will require more time and emotional support than other foster children, which is why we want people considering the program to be fully aware of the environment they will need to set up. These young people need to be placed in a home that will help them flourish, allowing them all opportunities to move in adu;thood comfortably. If you are excited to take on the challenge, reach out to the Anglicare Victoria team today:

Expression of interest


Additional support for carers

Carers with the ECO program will receive enhanced and additional training to provide them with the right support. Each child has a dedicated case manager and foster carers will have after-hours on-call support available if necessary. Each carer will also receive monthly respite. This is a fantastic program for carers who are willing and happy to commit to a supportive environment.

Enhanced support for children between ages 12-17

Adolescence is an integral time for development, and a supportive home environment makes a huge difference in children’s lives. We are committed to ensuring equal opportunity for children regardless of their background, and require your support to help this happen. The ECO program gives children increased support when they need it, to help address potential problems or trauma and give them the best possible chance to flourish into adulthood.

Who can foster?

Our requirements for care depend on the situation of the child, but the general requirements are:

  • You are over 21 years of age
  • You have an available room in your house
  • You are interested in and passionate about caring for young people
  • You undergo all necessary training

Children will be placed with households that best suit their needs, and we work with you to make sure you are available to meet these needs.

What support is available for me?

We provide ongoing training, daily conversations with your case manager and on-call after hours support whenever you require.

What does the training cover?

Training is more extensive with ECO programs, as we want to offer these children a therapeutic approach. Carers receive a higher reimbursement which allows them to invest more time in the children, with the focus being on:

  • Catching problems early
  • Remaining calm and providing ongoing emotional support
  • Help children work through a traumatic upbringing
  • Build a safe, structured, and positive environment

This is a fantastic opportunity for compassionate, empathetic and patient individuals to make a sincere difference to the life of a young person, and we implore anyone who wants to contribute to the community to discuss with us your suitability.

Join the Anglicare Victoria community and make a difference to a child’s life

Anglicare Victoria’s empowers children, young people and families to reach their full potential through counselling, foster care and ongoing services. We want to promote a brighter future with equal opportunity, and encourage diversity across our community, staff and volunteers. We acknowledge and respect Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander history and diversity and recognise the impact of past and current injustices.

Anglicare Victoria welcomes people no matter your race, religion, gender or sexuality, and runs on our community’s ongoing support. If you are interested in finding out more, or wish to volunteer reach us on 1800 809 722.