Alleviating Hardship

Every night, more than 100,000 Australians are homeless. The demand for emergency relief (including food parcels and material aid) has risen dramatically, by 25% in the past year alone. Waiting lists for financial counselling services are longer than ever before, and more families are being forced into a cycle of disadvantage that can be hard to escape.

Many of these issues can be avoided. We believe in elevating disadvantaged Victorians by helping to alleviate their immediate problems. By removing the hardships of today, we can equip families and individuals with the skills and knowledge to achieve a better tomorrow.

Anglicare Victoria offers a range of services to address these key needs. We ensure that support for homelessness, emergency relief and financial assistance is available through a range of community programs and initiatives.

Support through hardship

Emergency relief

Our emergency relief outlets lend support to families and individuals in immediate crisis. Relief programs assist families and individuals struggling on very low incomes. We offer food parcels, financial help with household bills, and no-interest loans. Read more about our emergency relief support.

Financial help

Financial counsellors help to tackle hardship by providing support, advice and practical information for a more prosperous future. With one of the largest financial counselling networks in the state, we’re well equipped to educate Victorians on their finances. Read more about how we’re increasing economic understanding.