Supporting Families

Victorian families face more complex challenges than ever before. Almost 40,000 people are on the public housing waiting list. More than one-in-five women suffer abuse at the hands of their partners. Children from low socio-economic backgrounds have fewer educational opportunities, making it difficult to escape their current circumstance.

Through our extensive range of family services programs, we’re working towards stronger, happier Victorian families. Our services help families to understand and overcome serious issues such as parenting, mental illness, violence, drug and alcohol dependence.

Family services


Child FIRST provides a central, community-based referral point to a range of Family support services designed to support children and families within Victoria.

Integrated family services

Integrated Family Services (IFS) provides specialist in-home and casework support for vulnerable families. The IFS program aims to provide a range of tailored services to strengthen families and improve the wellbeing of children.

Cradle to Kinder

Cradle to Kinder is an intensive ante- and post-natal support service which provides long-term intensive family and early parenting support for vulnerable young mothers and their children.


Through our educational mentoring programs, Boys Will Be Men and Peaceful Warriors, we help socially disadvantaged boys navigate the challenging journey from adolescence to manhood.

Family violence

Whenever issues of violence or abuse arise in families, the first step is to ensure that every family member is safe and protected from harm. Once that is achieved, counsellors and support workers can educate and equip families with new skills to help them move forward in a positive way.

We provide a range of protection services addressing both adult family violence and adolescent family violence, with a primary focus on the safety of women and children.

Men’s Behaviour Change Program

The Men’s Behaviour Change Program is an intensive group program for men which aims:

  • For men to stop using abusive, violent and controlling behaviour
  • For men to accept full responsibility for their behaviour
  • For men to manage their intense feelings safely
  • For men to develop and maintain nurturing and caring relationships with women & children


Education is an essential aspect of our work. Parentzone, our parent resource centres, offer support to parents through information and group-work, including:

  • A variety of free parenting programs
  • A quarterly newsletter featuring information about support groups, events, family support and professional development
  • A resource library of parenting books, videos and articles
  • Training and consultancy for professionals in facilitating parent programs
  • Information about other family support agencies and resources

For more information, contact:

  • Parentzone Eastern | (03) 9735 4188 | 47-51 Castella Street, Lilydale
  • Parentzone Southern | (03) 5945 2000 | Lv 1, 66-68 Main Street Pakenham | Lv 2, 60-64 Wells Street Frankston
  • Parentzone Northern | 03 9465 0322 | 42 Mary Street, Preston
  • Parentzone Gippsland | 03 5133 9998 | 65 Church Street Morwell

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