Free Parenting Support Resources: NDIS and Beyond

Parenting is often described as the most challenging yet rewarding task one can do. But when the challenge becomes unmanageable, parents may often feel overwhelmed or even lost, not knowing where to turn to for additional support.

That’s where free parenting support resources become a lifeline for parents and carers in these situations. While the NDIS is the Government’s scheme for providing support to people with disability and their parents and carers, there are also other free resources available, too.

Anglicare Victoria explains the NDIS and beyond, offering free parenting support resources for vulnerable Victorians:

NDIS support for carers

NDIS is the Australian Government’s scheme for supporting people with disability. On top of providing support to people with disability, the NDIS can also be accessed to receive support for carers and parents. This includes:

  • Getting the NDIS participant into some new community groups, reducing work load for parents and carers
  • Organising short stays out of home to try new things, make new friends and develop new skills, increasing the independence of the participant
  • Temporary relief and extra support so that the participant can stay at home while carers or parents aren’t available
  • Community activities for participants, reducing work load for parents and carers

Anglicare Victoria’s free parenting support resources

Anglicare Victoria also offers free parenting support resources for vulnerable Victorians. These services are available for Victorian parents of children both with and without disability. Some of our parenting resources include:

  • ParentZone program
    A free program focussing on improving communication and relations between parents and children using therapeutic and educational strategies. With expert counsellors, we can implement long-lasting, positive change between parents and children.
  • Meridian Youth and Family therapy
    Our Meridian Youth and Family Therapy program strengthens relationships and improve family functioning while also focusing on the evolving needs of the young person.
  • Functional Family Therapy
    A program targeted at young people and their families, aimed at reducing conflict within the home.
  • Living With Autism program
    A 6-week educational program designed for parents of Autistic children, providing strategies to help manage parenting a child with autism.
  • Strengthening Parent Support program (East only)
    Helping parents of children with disability to connect with other local families, providing peer support, education sessions and individual support from a qualified coordinator.
  • Rapid Response program
    A free program that aims to prevent children being placed in Out of Home Care (OoHC) by providing short-term, intensive face-to-face support.

Anglicare Victoria is proud to offer a range of free support services for parents, carers and families in Victoria. To learn more about our support services for parents, please contact your local Anglicare Victoria office and speak with a professional. Together, we can make a long-lasting difference and spark positive changes within the home.

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