Complaints & Compliments

We want to hear about your experiences with our staff and programs, whether good or bad.

At Anglicare Victoria, we’re committed to providing the best support services possible for children, young people, parents and families. To help us continually improve, we want to hear about both good and bad experiences that people have had with our staff and services. Your feedback – whether a compliment or complaint – is appreciated.

    * We need this information at a minimum for your feedback to be helpful.
    All feedback is treated confidentially and will only be seen by people who need to see it in order to respond appropriately.

    There are several possible outcomes from the process of managing your complaint:

    We will make all reasonable attempts to advise you of the outcome, or outcomes of your complaint. Additionally, we will advise you of external bodies to which you can forward your complaint if you are not happy with the outcome of Anglicare Victoria’s complaints management process. These include:

    Learn more information about complaints and compliments

    Whistleblower Policy

    Anglicare Victoria encourages individuals to report wrongdoing. We are committed to creating an environment in which individuals feel safe and comfortable reporting wrongdoing with confidence they will be protected.

    You can report a wrongdoing to a member of the Executive Group. If you are comfortable doing so, you are also welcome to report the matter directly to the CEO.

    Read AV’s Whistleblower Policy


    • There are several possible outcomes:

      • There may be a change to the way services are delivered to you
      • The matter may be resolved without significant changes to service delivery
      • Changes may be made to our policies or practices
      • An apology will be offered to you if appropriate
      • Matters of a criminal nature will be referred to Victoria Police
      • We will advise you regarding further options if you are not happy with the outcome of your complaint
    • We record all details of your concern and securely store the information. Only those people to need to be involved in the process will be able to access it. Unless you have made the complaint anonymously, you will be provided with a copy of this information.

      If your concern cannot be resolved by the staff member you initially raised it with, a resolution manager may be allocated to the situation.

      This manager will invite you to explain your problem, get an account of the situation from an Anglicare Victoria staff member, examine any relevant case records, and attempt to reach a prompt resolution.

      You will be kept informed of progress and outcomes throughout the process. If the reviewing manager cannot reach a resolution, the matter will be referred to a senior staff member.

    • If you’re unhappy with one of our services or programs, there are a number of ways to handle the situation.

      • Speak directly to the staff member involved. We recommend this as a first action. The staff member may not be aware or your feelings or any situation, and they may be able to sort things out without the issue escalating further
      • Speak to the staff member’s Team Leader or Program Manager
      • Speak to any other person at Anglicare Victoria who you are comfortable dealing with
      • Send a letter or email to a worker, Team Leader, Program Manager, or another staff member you are comfortable approaching
      • Complete a feedback form
    • To inform us of a positive experience, or to provide feedback that could result in an improvement to one of our services or programs, speak directly to the staff member who works with you.
      Alternatively, you can complete a Feedback Form in any Anglicare Victoria office, or
      fill one out online.

    • Whenever you or your family receive a service from Anglicare Victoria, you have the right to:

      • Be treated with dignity and respect at all times
      • Have a say, and be listened to, in regard to the service you are receiving
      • Be kept informed of and, as far as is appropriate, participate in the decision-making process affecting you at all times
      • Have your privacy respected and personal information kept safe and secure
      • Receive services in a sensitive and safe environment, free from abuse, neglect, violence and preventable injury
      • Tell us about any concerns or suggestions and be kept informed of what happens as a result of your comments
      • Receive assistance with special needs, including access to an interpreter service
      • Raise concerns about how a complaint was handled if you weren’t happy with the process
    • We want to hear from you, if you or your family:

      • Believe the services we are providing don’t meet your needs
      • Aren’t happy about the way you have been treated
      • Feel your rights have not been taken into account
      • Have a suggestion about how we can improve our service
      • Have enjoyed a particularly exceptional service

      Not only could your feedback help us to improve what we do, it may also help us to provide a better service for many other people too.