Like everyone at Anglicare Victoria, our Board and Executive Management Team are committed to achieving the highest service and ethical standards in the welfare and family services sector.

The role of the Board is to exercise governance and strategic leadership through the establishment and monitoring of our guiding Strategic Intent Document.

Our Executive Staff are charged with enacting that Strategic Intent and ensuring it remains relevant to the changing environment in which we work.

Board members

  • Matthew Pringle
  • Andrew Asten
  • Bishop Genieve Blackwell
  • Dr David Mackay
  • Claire Sime
  • Tony Sheumack
  • Joanna Fazio
  • Daryl Williams AM
  • Shawana Andrews

Senior management

Paul McDonald
Chief Executive Officer

Sue Sealey
Deputy Chief Executive Officer

Vincent Bucci
Director – Finance and Business Services

Gaye Crichton
Director – People and Culture

Kirsty Simpson
Director – Strategic Communications & Marketing

Jan Noblett
Director – Quality &  Outcomes

Marianne Watson
Director – Operations

Bridget Weller
Director – Strategy

Andrea Dwyer
Director – Project Development & Innovation

Claire Nyblom
Regional Director – Western Region

Vicki Levey
Regional Director – Gippsland

Michael Oerlemans
Regional Director – North Central

Sonia D’Urbano
Regional Director – Northern Region

Lisa Foley
Regional Director – Southern Region

Shaye Chalmers
Regional Director – Eastern Region

Garry Dalton
General Manager – Infrastructure

Dean Mills
General Manager – Information Technology Services

David Poynter
General Manager – Business Development & Evidence-Based Models

Michelle Gascoigne
General Manager of Organisational & Professional Development

Meaghan Courtney
General Manager – Quality & Review

Anne Welfare
Principal Practitioner