About Us

Anglicare Victoria works with children, young people and families. We prevent harm and empower people to overcome challenges and achieve their full potential.

We believe in families and know that with access to the right support every family can grow and achieve their goals.

We work with families towards positive change. Whether it be a helping hand in a time of crisis, or providing longer-term support and care. We partner with local communities, the private and public sectors and our donors to deliver better results.

Supporting tens of thousands of Victorians every year, our 1700+ staff and volunteers operate from more than 45 sites across the state, as well as delivering assistance online, at home and in the community. We are Victoria’s largest provider of Out of Home Care and Family Services, and one of Australia’s most innovative agencies in working with vulnerable children youth and families.

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We Value Diversity and Inclusion

AV is committed to diversity, equity, and inclusion.

We strive to be an inclusive, safe and responsive organisation which celebrates diversity and actively supports inclusion for people from LGBTQIA+ communities, people with disabilities, people from diverse cultural, racial and linguistic backgrounds, people of all ages, people with caring responsibilities, people with lived experience of services similar to those delivered by Anglicare Victoria and people with diverse religious beliefs or affiliations.

We want all clients, volunteers and employees to feel like AV’s workplaces and services are spaces where they belong, where they can enjoy full and equal access and participation and where they can be themselves.

Diverse, equitable and inclusive workplaces and services enable our people to achieve their best and to work for better with their clients and communities.

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Download AV’s Diversity Equity and Inclusion Workforce Strategy

Our Vision For Reconciliation

AV’s vision is for every Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander person who uses our services or works with us to feel culturally safe and respected.

We understand and support the principle that connection to Culture, community and Country is a human right. We know that these connections are an essential part of growing up healthy and strong, and we are uniquely placed to play a part in reducing the over-representation of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children in care.

We can play our part in providing integrated, holistic support for families and prevent further child removals. We can make sure that every Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander child, family and young person we work with has an opportunity to connect to Culture and community, and that our workforce is culturally aware.

We can ensure that respect for First Peoples and their rights underpins our service design and delivery and every engagement we have with the First Peoples and communities we work with.

We can continue to advocate for systems change and recognise and support the leadership of Aboriginal Community Controlled Organisations in sector-wide reform.

We hear the invitation in the Uluru Statement from the Heart to “walk with us in a movement of the Australian people for a better future” and respectfully accept that invitation.

AV’s Innovate Reconciliation Action Plan 2023-2025 maps out a meaningful program of work to strengthen our cultural capacity as an organisation, and through this, create much-needed change.

Read AV’s Innovate Reconciliation Action Plan 2023-2025

Take a look at some of the work we are doing to support reconciliation

AV’s Commitment to Environmental Sustainability

Based on the pillars of Prevent, Protect and Empower, our work aims to ‘create better tomorrows’.

As part of this focus, AV acknowledges that a commitment to environmental sustainability is paramount to ensuring future generations are able to continue to enjoy the planet as we know it. And we continue to find innovative ways to overcome challenges and to make the system better.

Through a process of continuous improvement, AV will identify and implement efficient, effective and diligent environmental practices in our workplaces and activities.

The underpinning ethos of the Environmental Commitment of Anglicare Victoria aligns to the organisational core values of:

  • Prevent future environmental damage by minimising impact.
  • Protect what we have now.
  • Empower employees, clients and our networks to make better decisions that minimise harm/impact to the environment.

Read AV’s Environmental Commitment Statement

Strategic Agenda

Anglicare Victoria’s Strategic Agenda has been developed in broad consultation with government, our related sectors and our staff. It is designed to be a simple, clear motivating force for the organisation – setting out our shared goals and direction for the next four years.

Over the last four years we have strengthened our service profile and demonstrated to our clients and the community that we are a diverse, inclusive organisation founded on respect. Through innovative new models, a greater focus on results and ongoing roll-out of evidence informed programs we have shown that our sector can deliver better outcomes than many thought possible four years ago. We are excited to continue that journey, as outlined in this Strategic Agenda.

Download AV’s Strategic Agenda 2020-2024

Our Commitment to Children and Young People

As a child-safe organisation Anglicare Victoria is committed to supporting and providing environments where children and young people are respected, their voices are heard, their rights are upheld and their safety is paramount.

Learn about our commitment to the safety of children and young people

Information about Anglicare Victoria – Multiple Languages

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Modern Slavery Statement

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