“The mission of Anglicare Victoria is to care for children, and families who are at risk.  My way of ensuring Anglicare Victoria’s work is assured into the future is to leave a Gift in my Will to Anglicare Victoria.”

Leonie. Donor, Bequestor, Friend of Anglicare Victoria

A Gift in your Will, no matter the amount, can make a huge difference to vulnerable children, young people and families across Victoria.

A Gift in your Will to Anglicare Victoria, whether it be a fixed asset, a set amount, or a percentage of your estate, could offer vital support to children and families.  Such gifts allow us to continue our essential work across Melbourne and throughout Victoria.  They offer a unique way to provide for the causes and ideals that have been important in your life.  Through a Gift in your Will, you can ensure that vulnerable children, young people and families will continue to have access to life-changing support and opportunities.

Leaving a Gift in your Will is easy, and anyone can do it.

Our dedicated Gifts in Wills team can talk you through the options, provide suggested wording, and help you realise your hopes and aspirations for your Gift. 

Making or changing your Will to include a Gift to Anglicare Victoria could be as simple as contacting your legal advisor and they will do all the important work for you. Alternatively, you could use an online option to create a simple Will. We’ve partnered with Gathered Here, who host a FREE and easy step-by-step online Will writing service. It takes less than 10 minutes.

If your Will is complex, or you are in doubt about any of the wording within your Will, we suggest you seek professional advice from a Lawyer or Solicitor specialising in Wills and Estates. We also recommend you discuss your intentions with loved ones before finalising your Will.

Gifts in Wills ambassadors

“I have been associated with Anglicare Victoria for many years as their Gifts in Wills Ambassador and I can tell you that leaving a Gift in your Will is a wonderful way to support their great work with disadvantaged Victorian children, young people and young families. They really do make a difference to people’s lives.

A Gift in a Will is a very personal choice of great importance. A Gift in your Will can reflect your beliefs and values well into the future and it is a lasting and meaningful gift to future generations of fellow Victorians.”

– Paul Sheahan AM – Donor, Bequestor, and Friend of Anglicare Victoria

“A Gift in my Will is a tangible way of leaving something behind so that Anglicare Victoria is fostered. It’s not a huge thing, but it means so much.

I indicated to Anglicare Victoria that I had left them a Gift in my Will and was then welcomed into the family and made a Friend of Anglicare.

My legacy will mean that those people that Anglicare Victoria serves will be cared for in the future.”
– Leonie. Donor, Bequestor, Friend of Anglicare Victoria.

Information sheets and booklets


Click here for a full list of available resources, and please contact giftsinwills@anglicarevic.org.au if you would like to receive copies of any of our materials.

Friends of Anglicare Victoria

Anglicare Victoria is heavily reliant on financial support from the community in providing programs that make a difference to the lives of children, young people and families with whom we work.

In 1997, when Anglicare Victoria was established through the joining of three long-established and well-respected Anglican child and welfare agencies, its constitution established a support organisation called Friends of Anglicare Victoria, or simply put, “Friends”.

Today, this significant group, ‘Friends of Anglicare Victoria’, acknowledges and recognises the special role of our donors and supporters, including those who have chosen to leave a Gift to Anglicare Victoria in their Will.  It also seeks to promote transparency and openness between Anglicare Victoria and our donors and supporters.

Joining is entirely voluntary, and entitles you to:

  • Invitations to exclusive informative and social events for Friends of Anglicare Victoria;
  • Opportunities to meet with Anglicare Victoria senior staff at locations across Melbourne and Victoria, to hear first-hand about our programs and developments; and
  • A unique lapel pin and Certificate of Appreciation.

We are enormously grateful for the significant and deeply meaningful support of our Friends, and would like to acknowledge their special place in the extended family of Anglicare Victoria.

If you have been kind enough to leave a Gift to Anglicare Victoria in your Will, please consider letting us know so that we can invite you to join the Friends of Anglicare Victoria.  This very kind gesture honours us.


For any information about including a Gift in your Will to Anglicare Victoria please call:

Thank you very much for your interest in Anglicare Victoria and for considering including us in your Will.


  • A Gift in Your Will is a unique way to provide for the causes you believe in. It costs you nothing today, and you have complete freedom to change your beneficiaries in the future.  You can ensure that your loved ones are looked after, and the values that you live by can be honoured into the future.

  • Gifts in Wills are an important source of funds for Anglicare Victoria.  Many of our essential programs have benefited from the kindness of donors and supporters in this way.

    As Victoria’s leading provider of children, youth and family services, we know that strong families are the backbone of a safe and thriving community, and provide the best possible chance of a positive future for both the children and the parents.

    Over the last year, more than 1700 staff working out of 93 locations across Victoria, committed to improving the lives of all Victorians.

    We provide care for over 1582 children and young people in Out of Home Care.

    390 dedicated Anglicare Victoria volunteers provided urgent assistance to 5459 Victorians at 18 emergency relief sites state-wide.  You can read our newsletters for more information about our recent activities.

    We work with families to build on their natural strengths, ensuring healthier homes and stronger futures for our young people whatever their current circumstance.

    All families need help from time to time. Whatever their unique story, we hold respect and understanding at the heart of our care. And whenever we step up, we aim for real and lasting change guided by three pillars: prevent, protect, empower.

  • Leaving a Gift is easy, and anyone can do it.  The two key pieces of information you need are simply our name, Anglicare Victoria, and our ABN: 97 397 067 466.  We recommend that you talk to your solicitor, financial advisor or accountant about how to draw up a Will that best reflects your hopes for your estate.  We would warmly welcome the opportunity to meet with you in person or by telephone to discuss your wishes, and answer any questions you might have about Gifts in Wills, so please get in touch with Peter Burt or Mary Croxford at giftsinwills@anglicarevic.org.au


  • Are there different types of Gifts I can leave in my Will?

    Yes, there are a number of different types of Gifts you can leave, and you can choose whichever best suits your wishes. The most common types are:

    • Residue or Residual – After your loved ones have been fully provided for, any remainder of your estate can be left as a Gift in your Will to Anglicare Victoria and/or charitable organisations.
    • Percentage – A percentage of your estate can be left as a Gift in your Will. There are no rules as to what percentage you choose.  It is entirely at your discretion to choose a percentage that reflects your wishes and intentions for your estate.
    • Asset – a specific asset, such as real estate, a term investment, or an item of jewellery can be left as a Gift for general purposes.
    • Specific Monetary Amount – a set cash amount can be left as a Gift in your Will. Often the amount may be chosen to serve a specific purpose.
    • Alternatives – You can leave a provision in your Will dictating that if any specific Gift cannot be carried out (for example if the beneficiary has passed away or the organisation ceases to exist) it can be left as a Gift to charity for general purposes.
    • Conditional – You can choose that your estate, or a portion of it, is retained by a loved one for the duration of their lifetime, after which it is passed on as a Gift to Anglicare Victoria and/ or another charitable organisation.
    • Living Gift – a living Gift is different to a cash donation and a normal Gift in a Will.  A lump sum of money is invested while the testator is still alive to generate income, the distributions then go to Anglicare Victoria and/ or a charitable organisation. A living Gift can have tax advantages for an estate. Please discuss this with your accountant or financial advisor if it is of interest.

    If you’d like to discuss making a Gift of any kind in your Will to Anglicare Victoria, please get in touch with Peter Burt or Mary Croxford at giftsinwills@anglicarevic.org.au

  • Get in touch with Peter Burt or Mary Croxford from our Gifts in Wills team. They’ll be able to provide more information, help with any questions you might have, and discuss your personal wishes for a Gift in your Will.

  • We always recommend that you talk to your family members about your decision.  You are most welcome to include your loved ones in your discussions with our Gifts in Wills team.  It is also suggested that you seek legal and financial advice when drawing up a Will, to ensure that it is officially recognised and accurately reflects your wishes.

  • Thank you so much!  Leaving a Gift to Anglicare Victoria in your Will is an incredibly kind and significant act, for which we are hugely grateful.  We’d love to have the chance to thank you personally for your generosity.

    We would also like to invite you to join our significant supporters’ group, Friends of Anglicare Victoria.  This recognises those individuals who play a special role in helping Anglicare Victoria, including by providing for us in their Will.  As a Friend, you will have access to a range of exclusive informative and social events, and have the opportunity to meet with senior staff and learn about our work from those who understand it best.  You will also receive a special commemorative lapel pin, and a Certificate of Appreciation.


  • Yes, you can still leave a Gift to Anglicare Victoria if you have already written a Will.  You may be able to simply add an additional section, via a ‘codicil’.  Ask Peter or Mary for a copy of our ‘Codicil Instruction Guide’, and discuss any updates to your Will with your loved ones and your solicitor.  You can reach Peter Burt on 03 9412 6197 or Mary Croxford on 03 9412 6006, or by emailing giftsinwills@anglicarevic.org.au .