Gifts In Wills / Bequests

Gifts in Wills are an important part of our fundraising efforts.

They allow us to continue our vital work. They ensure that vulnerable children, young people and families will have ongoing access to better opportunities in the future. They ensure that your charitable spirit lives on in support of the community for generations to come, and they ensure that your life’s legacy makes an enduring difference to the lives of others.

Leaving a Gift in your Will is easy and anyone can organise to include a Bequest or Gift in their Will.

Our dedicated Relationship Manager can provide suggested Gift in Wills wording for you to consider. However, we highly recommend you seek legal advice and discuss your intentions with your family first. You may also wish to speak to your accountant or Financial Advisor with respect to taxation and financial matters.

If you already have a Will, but wish to include Anglicare Victoria, you may not need to re-write your Will. Speak to your solicitor about drafting a Codicil, which acts as an amendment to your existing Will. Alternatively you can request a copy of our Codicil Instruction Guide from our Relationship Manager – Gifts in Wills, by calling (03) 9412 6197 or email

We invest bequeathed gifts immediately. Any generated income is used solely to benefit the programs or purposes or as you have specified in your will.

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“A gift in my will is a tangible way of leaving something behind so that Anglicare Victoria is fostered. It’s not a huge thing, but it means so much. I indicated to Anglicare Victoria that I had left them a gift in my will and was then welcomed into the family and made a Friend of Anglicare. My legacy will mean that those people that Anglicare Victoria serves will be cared for in the future.”

– Leonie. Donor, Bequestor, Friend of Anglicare Victoria.

Gifts in Wills ambassadors

“I have been associated with Anglicare Victoria for many years as their Gifts in Wills Ambassador and I can tell you that leaving a Gift in your Will is a wonderful way to support their great work with disadvantaged Victorian children, young people and young families. They really do make a difference to people’s lives.

A Gift in a Will is a very personal choice of great importance. A Gift in your Will can reflect your beliefs and values well into the future and it is a lasting and meaningful gift to future generations of fellow Victorians.”

– Paul Sheahan AM

“For over 15 years I have been a member of the Eltham Auxiliary and now the Anglicare Victoria Partnership Group Eltham as well as a “Friend of Anglicare Victoria”.
I have seen from the inside the important work that Anglicare does with the vulnerable children, young adults and young families in our society – many of whom need someone to stand up for their rights.

I would like to think that through the Gift in my Will, Anglicare Victoria will be able to continue providing services to help those disadvantaged children and families that are in real need of care and support.

I strongly encourage you to consider a Gift in your Will and help Anglicare Victoria make a real difference to children and young people’s lives.”

– Jenny Disney 

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Friends of Anglicare Victoria

Anglicare Victoria is heavily reliant on financial support from the community in providing programs that make a difference to the lives of children, young people and families with whom we work.

Twenty years ago, when Anglicare Victoria was established (1997) through the joining of three long-established and well-respected Anglican child and welfare agencies, its constitution established a support organisation called Friends of Anglicare Victoria, or simply put, “Friends”.

The original role of Friends was to broaden the agency’s fundraising activities, provide volunteers to speak and advocate on our behalf, and nominate some members to the agency’s governing Council.

Anglicare Victoria is very keen to strengthen its relationship with its donors and other supporters. In particular, those donors or persons that have left a Gift in their Will to Anglicare Victoria.

In March 2015, the Friends of Anglicare Victoria was re-launched at St Peter’s Eastern Hill, in inner Melbourne.

It is intended that Friends of Anglicare Victoria will now be used to build stronger and closer relationships with our existing bequestors and those that have contributed significantly to our organisation financially or in kind. Friends will also enable us to spread the word about the great work that Anglicare Victoria does throughout the state, and garner additional support and assistance for our agency, both financially and in general.

As a Friend of Anglicare Victoria, you will receive the following:

  • A Certificate of Appreciation and unique Friends of Anglicare Victoria lapel pin
  • Invitations to special events and functions specifically for Friends of Anglicare Victoria; and
  • Opportunities to meet with Anglicare Victoria senior staff at various locations around Melbourne and Victoria, to hear first-hand about our programs and developments.

If you have been kind enough to leave a Gift to Anglicare Victoria in your Will, please let us know in order that a formal Friends of Anglicare Victoria invitation can be sent to you.


Should you require further information about including a Gift to Anglicare Victoria in your Will, please contact Peter Burt, Relationship Manager – Gifts in Wills as follows:

  • Direct Phone Line: (03) 9412 6197 (Mon – Thu)
  • Mobile Phone: 0499 002 924 (Mon – Thu)
  • Email:

Thank you for your interest in Anglicare Victoria and for considering us to be included in your Will. We are honoured by this very kind gesture.


  • Leaving a Gift in your Will is a way of ensuring that you can continue to support charitable causes, such as Anglicare Victoria, that are special to you, even after you have gone. Gifts in Wills form an important part of our fundraising efforts and allow us to continue our vital work within the community.

  • If you have any questions about including a Gift in your Will to Anglicare Victoria, or if you wish to meet to discuss how your Gift may be specifically used by Anglicare Victoria, please contact our Relationship Manager – Gifts in Wills, Peter Burt, on (03) 9412 6197 or 0499 002 924 (Mon-Thu).

  • YES. We would appreciate it if you could confirm with Anglicare Victoria that you have left a Gift in your Will. By doing this, we can amend our records accordingly and also invite you to be a part of “Friends of Anglicare Victoria”, our group for confirmed bequestors and other key supporters of Anglicare Victoria. Friends of Anglicare Victoria will provide you with a commemorative lapel pin, a certificate of appreciation and access to a range of social and informative events specifically arranged for our “Friends”.

    If you have been kind enough to leave a Gift in your Will to Anglicare Victoria, please let us know by contacting Peter Burt, Relationship Manager – Gifts in Wills on (03) 9412 6197 or 0499 002 924 (Mon-Thu) or by email


  • Absolutely. We strongly recommend that you discuss your Will and the inclusion of any proposed bequests or Gifts with family members. We would welcome the opportunity to attend any meeting or formal discussion which includes your family members, to discuss the significant and extensive benefits a Gift in your Will can enable.

  • Supporting over 70,000 in-crisis Victorians, we work extensively with vulnerable children and families to help prevent abuse, neglect, family breakdown, poverty, violence, addiction and mental illness. In order to provide these services, we rely heavily on financial support from the community.

    You may choose to leave a bequest for the general purposes of Anglicare Victoria’s work. This allows us to apply funds where they are needed most urgently. Consequently, a general purpose gift or bequest will achieve significant, widespread good.

    Bequests can also be tied to a specific purpose. In this case, it is imperative that you discuss your specific requirements in advance with our Relationship Manager – Gifts in Wills to ensure that your wishes will be appropriately met. Please call (03) 9412 6197 to arrange a meeting to discuss the specific details of your wishes.

  • Yes. Bequests and gifts are usually completed in one of the following forms:


    After family and friends have been provided for, the remainder can be left to a charity.


    A percentage of the estate can be left to a charity.


    A specific asset, such as real estate or jewellery can be left to a charity.

    Specific monetary amount

    A specific cash amount can be left to a charity.


    A provision can be left in a Will dictating that if any specific bequest cannot be carried out (eg. If the beneficiary has passed away or ceases to exist) then that asset can be passed to a charity.

    Living bequest

    A living bequest is different to a cash donation and a normal bequest. A lump sum of money is invested while the testator is still alive to generate income, and the distributions then go to the charity. A living bequest can have tax advantages for an estate.


    In this circumstance the estate, or a portion of it, would be retained by a spouse or other family member for the duration of their lifetime; after which it could pass to a charity.

  • Leaving a Gift is easy and anyone can organise to include one in their Will.

    We recommend talking to your Solicitor, Financial Advisor or Accountant about the best ways to include a Gift in your Will that accommodates your wishes. Should you wish to discuss including a Gift in Your Will to Anglicare Victoria, Peter Burt our Relationship Manager – Gifts in Wills, would welcome the opportunity to meet with you. Please phone Peter Burt on  (03) 9412 6197 or e:mail him at