Your legacy helps our clients move from crisis to recovery

“Whether in a foster home, across our residential care houses, or around the kitchen table in a family home, Anglicare Victoria is with our clients, fighting the hard battles or supporting the most vulnerable or finding a way through a crisis, all informed by an organisational culture of compassion and care”

- Paul McDonald, CEO, Anglicare Victoria 

On the 1st of July, 1997, Anglicare Victoria was formed by the amalgamation of several Anglican missions: Mission to the Streets and Lanes of Melbourne (established 1886); Mission of St James and St John (1919); and St John’s Homes for Boys and Girls (1921).

The amalgamation wove together more than a century of caring for families, young people and children facing hardship and dislocation. Since that day, AV has diversified the services it is able to offer Victorians who are most in need.

Learn below to see how AV’s impact ensures no one in this life is left behind.

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