Anglicare Victoria has a rewarding career ready for you in a dedicated, professional team where respecting each other; leading with purpose; working together; and creating a positive difference are valued, and learning and creativity are encouraged.

We strive to create an environment where employees feel valued and rewarded.

At Anglicare Victoria we care about our employees in the same way that we care about our clients. We support and encourage our employees with a wide range of professional and personal opportunities to strengthen their overall well-being.

Our employees are able to develop their careers across all of our service areas. They have the flexibility to align the pace of their career with their various life stages.

By living the Anglicare Victoria values and actively fostering fairness, equality, diversity and inclusion, our people make Anglicare Victoria a truly great place to work.

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COVID-19 Update

Due to COVID-19 the way we work and interact has been impacted. Anglicare Victoria places a high importance on the safety, health and wellbeing of all staff, clients and community members. Therefore the way in which we recruit, onboard and induct has changed to adapt to our current environment.

We adhere to all guidance provided by the Department of Health (DOH).


We rely on our volunteers to deliver essential services that support Victorians, and, in some cases, our volunteers rely on us: for rewarding experiences, for a powerful sense of community, and for tangible personal fulfilment. View our available volunteer positions.

Learning and development

At Anglicare Victoria, we are committed to developing a learning environment in which our staff and volunteers can excel and grow professionally. This ensures that our services have a positive impact on the lives of the children, young people, families and communities that we work with. Initiatives include:

  • Learning @ Anglicare Victoria: We work closely with leading and highly regarded organisations to provide over 35 professional development activities in the program. These programs include post-graduate programs with RMIT, Australian Childhood Foundation and Bouverie Centre.
  • External Learning Opportunities: In addition to our internal Learning @ Anglicare Victoria program, our staff are encouraged and supported to actively pursue their professional and career development. This can include participation in relevant workshops and conferences.
  • Professional Practice Forums: Professional Practice Forums (PPFs) are ‘communities of practice’ that develop innovative practices across Anglicare Victoria and result in higher quality outcomes for our clients.
  • Study Leave: The purpose of study leave is to enable an employee to pursue a relevant course of studies, benefitting both the individual and Anglicare Victoria.

Creating a ‘Culture of Care’

Here at Anglicare Victoria we are very committed to ensuring that we do everything we can to take care of our staff. Below are a few quotes from our ‘Have Your Say’ staff engagement survey.

  • “Anglicare Victoria has been able to maintain ‘a culture of care’ for staff (which ultimately supports our clients) and this is a sign of ‘health’ within the organisation – which I value.”
  • “Great focus on staff wellbeing… Strongly supported workplace that offers and promotes debriefing sessions and counselling contacts if needed. Regular supervision.”
  • “There is a strong culture of supporting staff and ensuring there is an emphasis on work-life balance, and of taking care of yourself to ensure you can provide the best service possible to the families and staff we work with.”
  • “Anglicare Victoria is the most supportive agency that I’ve ever worked for in this sector.”
  • “There are extremely caring staff that support each other. I’ve never had more sense of teamwork.”

Key support programs:

Employee Assistance Program

The Employee Assistance Program (EAP) provides employees and their families with access to professional and confidential counselling services.

The EAP can be used to help support staff and their families through a work or personal issue that may be impacting their health or wellbeing. The program is completely confidential. Anglicare Victoria provides a generous level of EAP Support – four sessions per issue.

In addition, we also have a ‘Manager Assist’ for Anglicare Victoria managers, providing access to a telephone-based helpline for brief support and advice on people-related issues. This is an additional support service alongside our HR Managers and internal support teams.

Staff supervision

While working with our clients can be an incredibly rewarding experience, it can also be challenging. This is why Anglicare Victoria requires that staff involved in the provision of services directly to children, young people, adults and families have regular supervision sessions with their direct manager.

The quality of supervision is central to providing high standards of professional service and client outcomes. Supervision is an essential part of staff learning the knowledge and skill base required to undertake their role.

Staff benefits:

Salary packaging

Salary packaging allows you to pay for certain expenses before tax is taken out of earnings. This reduces the amount of tax paid, helping staff make the most of their income.

Currently, you can package up to the allowable maximum of $15,900 each Fringe Benefit Tax year. For further details regarding Salary Packaging go to

Health cover

Anglicare Victoria has a corporate deal with Medibank Private, providing a great value health cover for you if you choose to access it. The offer to all Anglicare Victoria employee is an ongoing 8.3% corporate discount.

Family-friendly policies

Our Flexible Work Arrangement Policy includes provisions such as the ability to alter your start and finish times, job sharing and part time options where appropriate.

In line with our Flexible Work – Purchase Leave Procedure Policy, you may also be eligible to purchase additional annual leave by reducing your salary by the nominated weeks and then annualising this salary across the full year.

In addition to flexible work arrangements, we also offer paid parental leave.