Anglicare Victoria’s research is an essential part of our advocacy efforts to improve the lives of the state’s most vulnerable children, families and young people.

Combined with our frontline expertise and community connections, we use our research to work for a better system. We advocate for positive changes to improve the lives of disadvantaged Victorians.


2021 Rental Affordability Snapshot

When Melbourne families emerged from Coronavirus lockdowns in 2020, where did they go? Regional cities and towns, where they had more space to breathe. Anglicare Victoria’s 2021 Rental Affordability Snapshot analysed 33,710 rental listings and found that all the people moving away from Melbourne have pushed the cost of regional rental properties through the roof.

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Financial stress in Victoria during lockdown

COVID-19 restrictions in Victoria during 2020 were a testing time for everyone. The research summary report looked at data from more than 9500 clients of our financial counselling services and found that utility payments, credit cards and household debt were the leading causes of financial stress during this period. The higher JobSeeker and JobKeeper payments effectively supported those without work.

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Rapid Response keeps families together

Rapid Response is a program designed to keep families together and reduce the strain on the over-burdened child protection system. This evaluation by Monash University found that 80 per cent of families who completed the program were still together six months later. The program provides a lot of promise for more widespread use in Victoria and beyond.

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Anglicare Victoria Strategic Agenda 2020-2024

Every day our clients achieve amazing things for themselves, for each other and for their community. It is our privilege to support them to grow, sustain, excel and transform. The Strategic Agenda describes our shared goals and directions for the next four years.

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2020 Rental Affordability Snapshot

The 2020 Rental Affordability Snapshot told a similar story to the 2019 edition – people on low incomes and income support are struggling to find affordable properties to rent. But the 2020 survey of more than 19,000 properties was taken just before the introduction of the additional JobSeeker and JobKeeper supplements, enabling researchers to project an increase in affordable properties for households on income support and lower income couples with children.

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TEACHaR Impact Statement 2019-20

Young people in state care have to deal with more of life’s challenges than the average school student. Anglicare Victoria’s TEACHaR (Transforming Educational Achievement of CHildren at Risk) program continues to evolve, helping children to regain their confidence in the classroom with the support of trained education specialists. The 2020–21 impact statement evaluates a period right in the heart of the COVID-19 pandemic, when TEACHaR was an important lifeline for hundreds of struggling young people.

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2019 Victorian Rental Affordability Snapshot

Only one in every 50 properties advertised in Victoria was affordable for households living on income support payments, according to the 2019 Victorian Rental Affordability Snapshot. The research examined 15,750 property listings, showing rental affordability going from bad to worse for those on income support or low incomes.

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TEACHaR Outcomes That Matter

The TEACHaR program was designed by Anglicare Victoria to provide tailored educational support to help vulnerable children in care. This evaluation of TEACHaR, overseen by the Victorian Government, has shown exceptional progress for many of the children in the program. Almost three quarters (74 per cent) of the children in the study group either improved or maintained their school attendance, while 94 per cent either improved or maintained their results in at least one of the areas being evaluated.

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2018 Victorian Rental Affordability Snapshot

It’s a constant challenge for those on low incomes to find rental properties which are both affordable and have enough bedrooms to avoid overcrowding. Once a year, the Rental Affordability Snapshot takes a look at the market to find just how tough it is for those on income support and the minimum wage who are looking for a place to call home.

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Exploring the nature of gambling issues for young people

Think you’re a skilful gambler? An overly optimistic view of gambling as a way to make money is one of the first signs you could have a problem. Funded by the Victorian Responsible Gambling Foundation, this research report looks at gambling for young people in rural communities to find out why they are up to four times as likely to be problem gamblers compared with adults.

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