Anglicare Victoria Partnership Group

The Anglicare Victoria Auxiliaries have been in existence since the establishment of the former agencies,  namely,  The Mission to the Streets and Lanes in 1886, The Mission of St James and St John in 1919, and St John’s Homes for Boy’s and Girl’s in 1921.

In their heyday there were 72 auxiliaries associated with local parishes who provided financial support through fundraising, provision of food, emergency relief and practical support to children
and families in need.

Picture of JD and MJ (002)

In July 1997, Anglicare Victoria was created by the amalgamation of these three long established and well-respected Anglican child and family welfare agencies. All the existing Auxiliaries remained actively involved in supporting the work of Anglicare Victoria.

An ageing population within the parishes and diversification in the population has led to a significant decline in membership. It had become apparent to Auxiliary members that there was a need to adapt to changing social patterns within Dioceses across Victoria and to explore the most effective way for the work and support of Anglicare Victoria at parish grassroots level to continue into the future.

In March 2016 an Open Dialogue about the future of the Anglicare Victoria Auxiliaries was held to explore the most effective way for the this work in supporting Anglicare to continue.

In April 2016, the Anglicare Victoria Board approved the formation of the AVPG, which in effect reflected the evolution of Auxiliaries to a new and exciting operating model. This was subsequently ratified by the Anglicare Victoria Council on the 11th May 2016.

AVPG Registration Form  AVPG Charter and Rules.


  • The AVPG is a network of small, local groups based from Anglican parishes who agree to the aims to support and advocate for Anglicare Victoria in their work for vulnerable families, young people, children and individuals in the community.

    The aims of the AVPG are:

    • To raise the profile and awareness of Anglicare Victoria
    • To create a valued and dynamic new Partnership network.
    • To provide a forum for creative ideas
    • To Network amongst parishes and parishioners along with other interested parties throughout Victoria
    • To fundraise for Anglicare Victoria
    1. To provide opportunities to learn more of the work of Anglicare Victoria and in turn share this knowledge with others and create further awareness of Anglicare Victoria in the wider community. Provide advocacy through a speakers group as part of the AVPG.
    2. To provide opportunities for members to meet socially with other AVPG members.
    3. To drive fundraising activities and initiatives that support Anglicare Victoria’s work.
  • There is no formal admission, no joining fee and no annual subscription for members of the AVPG. However, all AVPG network groups and their members need to be registered with the Anglicare Victoria Partnership Group – Coordinating Group.

    This can be done simply through registering your local network group and your member details by email at or by calling Anglicare Victoria on (03) 9412 6133.

  • The overall aim is for the establishment of the Anglicare Victoria Partnership Group as a support network throughout Victoria, based in Anglican parishes and local communities, with the purpose of raising the awareness of and supporting and advocating for the work of Anglicare Victoria. 

    The local network groups and their members need to comply in these ways:

    1. To be registered with the Anglicare Victoria Partnership Group – Coordinating Group;
    2. To have a minimum of three people as ‘the local network group’;
    3. To operate in accordance with the Charter / Rules of the AVPG;
    4. To provide a report to the AVPG Annual General Meeting on activities and effective practices in support of and advocacy for Anglicare Victoria; and
    5. To operate in relationship with each other in Christian understanding of good community and good neighbours.

    Download a copy of the AVPG Charter and Rules.

  • If you are interested in starting a network group in your local area and wish to support Anglicare Victoria’s work but are not attached to an Anglican parish, you are still very welcome to start a local group.

  • If you are interested in getting involved, and we sincerely hope that you are, why not get together with other parishioners, supporters and friends and support the essential work that Anglicare Victoria does with disadvantaged babies, young children, young adults, young families and other people in need of our care across Victoria.

    If you wish to form a new Anglicare Victoria Partnership Group (AVPG) within your local parish or your local area or suburb, please email us at or calling us on 9412 6133 to register your local network group and your members.

    Alternatively please complete the AVPG Registration Form and post or email back a scanned copy to