Strategic Agenda

AV is committed to making real, lasting and positive impact. That takes planning.

We are proud of what we have achieved over the last four years. We have continued to support families across the state through our child, youth and family services, never losing sight of the fact that every child has a right to a safe and happy childhood.

We have strengthened our service profile and demonstrated to our clients and the community at large that we are a diverse, inclusive organisation founded on respect. Through innovative new models, a greater focus on results and ongoing roll-out of evidence informed programs we have shown that our sector can deliver better outcomes than many thought possible four years ago.

AV is excited to continue that journey, as outlined in this Strategic Agenda. Every day our clients achieve amazing things for themselves, for each other, and their community. It is our privilege to support them in that work by focussed, coordinated and assertive effort across the organisation to transform, grow, strengthen and excel.

Download the 2020-2024 Strategic Agenda

Paul McDonald, Chief Executive Officer

Stephen Newton, AO Board Chair