Helping parents become heroes

The main priority of AV’s parenting programs is strengthening the positive relationship between parents or carers and the child in their care. Whether they are proactive parents, ordered to attend by the courts, or families seeking support for a specific challenge, a broad range of people turned to ParentZone for ideas and guidance over the last year.

More than 3600 parents were supported through AV’s ParentZone programs throughout the year. Some of these are evidence-based programs addressing issues such as raising teens or getting through a relationship separation. Others are small group courses designed to the specific needs identified by parents before the sessions begin, such as helping children manage their anxiety or getting them to listen.

“My communication is a lot better – not only between my partner and me regarding parenting matters but also in getting answers from the children about what’s wrong. We allow them to sit with their feelings, give them choices and a voice.” – Tuning in to Kids participant, 2022

Regular check-ins during each session ensure all participants are heard and feel comfortable being part of the conversation, and these short courses build on parents’ existing strengths. Parents are positioned as the experts of their family, with one of the aims being to work on developing power with their kids rather than power over their kids.

“Now I know who to contact and where to find assistance, advice, reassurance and guidance in challenging moments.” – Breaking the Cycle participant, 2022

This year, AV has increased the number of single-session workshops in response to feedback from time-poor parents.

“This year, we saw a shift in those seeking our support. People from all walks of life, not just vulnerable families: middle-class families, struggling mums, and a lot more dads.” – Jacqui Howell, Regional Development Manager, Gippsland

ParentZone has produced a series of short podcast episodes – ParentZone Pods – for a quick refresher or some on-demand help while waiting to attend a session in person.

“I have started asking my teenagers more questions about their feelings and taking them into account.” – Parents Building Solutions participant, 2021

The 2022 Annual report can be found on our website.

To request a hard copy of this report, call us on 1800 809 722.

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