How To Start The Foster Care Application Process

Becoming a foster carer is something many find incredibly rewarding. Not only are you giving back to your local community, but you’re potentially changing the life of a child for the better and showing them the way to a happy, healthy life.

The decision to become a foster carer doesn’t have to happen overnight. In fact, it can take months or even years to finally make the decision to become a foster carer, and this is sometimes a positive. The longer you take to decide on starting foster care, the more considered and measured your decision will likely be.

Others may have an immediate willingness to become a foster carer, and this is welcomed too – everyone is different in the beginning of their journey of foster caring.

Enquiring about the foster care application process is always the first step – and, once you’ve done it, you’ll quickly find your confidence in completing the rest of the process. In this article, the team at Anglicare Victoria explains how to start the foster care application process, and how they’re here to help.

It all starts with a conversation

Once you’ve decided to become a foster carer, you’re ready to start the application process. Your journey of foster care begins with a simple conversation with Anglicare Victoria. You’ll be invited to attend an information session where you’ll get the chance to ask further questions about the process before you progress onto training to become a foster carer.

Attending Training

The next step in the foster care application process is attending the mandatory 16 hours of Training. This is designed to let applicants ask lots of questions about foster caring, and gain an insight from experienced foster carers who’ll share a bit about their foster care journey.

Information sessions and training are an informal way of getting to learn more about the foster care process and experience. Many report that hearing about the rewards and challenges of foster caring from an experienced foster carer is an invaluable part of the process, and one that motivated them to follow in their footsteps.

The application

The application process for becoming a foster carer can take anywhere from 6-12 months. This is from the time you attend an information session right up until your first foster care placement.

The assessment process is thorough and comprehensive, though it can take a while, it’s in place for everyone’s benefit. Anglicare Victoria is an accredited non-government agency which assesses families on their suitability for foster caring as part of their foster care program.

While becoming a foster carer in Victoria may take a little time, this is actually a good thing – it means all kids entering a foster care program are going into loving families and safe homes.

What’s involved when you start the foster care application process?

After you contact Anglicare Victoria and attend a free information session, you’ll be invited to complete the following steps to becoming a foster carer:

  • Completing paperwork and background checks such as a Police Check, Working with Children Check and a health check.
  • Completing 16 hours of mandatory foster care training.
  • Interviews with you and your other household members.
  • Home and Environment check to ensure it meets the criteria for looking after children.
  • Review from an accreditation panel, with yearly accreditation reviews thereafter.
  • Approval and first placement..

Contact your local agency today

Getting excited to begin the process of becoming a foster carer? If you’re passionate about making a significant impact in your local community, Anglicare Victoria is here to guide you on the rewarding journey of foster care. Our mission is to empower and support children who’ve had a tough start to life by giving them safe, loving foster homes all over Victoria. If you’re interested in becoming a foster carer, contact our Carer Recruitment Team and enquire about applying today.

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