Knitting with kindness

A blanket or scarf can often be much more than a simple item of clothing. For someone doing it rough this winter, it can mean warmth and comfort. It can mean someone cares.

The volunteers who spend hours knitting blankets, beanies, jumpers and scarves for the Anglicare Morwell office know this. In early May, the office was filled with knitted goods from loyal Anglicare Victoria supporters who had been very busy over the summer months.

Just two months later, the pile is nearly gone. A young father whose heater was broken was given a blanket. A group of school children who arrived shivering in shorts and t-shirts gratefully received a beanie and scarf each. One week later, they were still proudly wearing them.

The women’s refuge where women and children arrived with little or no warm clothes were provided with jumpers and blankets. Thanks to the support of people like you, more Victorians were able to experience warmth and comfort this winter.

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