Qspace LGBTIQA+ Practitioner to support rainbow community in north-west Victoria

Are you a proud member or ally of the rainbow community? Experienced in counselling diverse communities? Want to make a difference to the lives of LGTBIQA+ people where it really counts?

The Qspace network is calling your name.

Qspace offers specialist individual & family counselling services for lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans and gender diverse, intersex, and queer people of all ages, their families, and communities.

We’re looking for a counselling specialist who is passionate about the wellbeing of rainbow community members in regional Victoria.

Based at our Mildura office, you’ll have the opportunity to provide a lifechanging service to LGBTQIA+ people in rural communities – where access to these services is otherwise very limited, and is desperately needed.

What is Qspace?

The Qspace service is a counselling and therapeutic support service for the rainbow community, their families, and carers. It works with individuals, relationships, and families, but it’s not exclusive to young people and or parents; we help a range of clients of all ages, genders, and backgrounds.

Why we need you:

  • You will create LGBTIQA+ awareness and develop support structures across the local Mildura community.
  • This role will develop community trust, implement the Qspace program, generate referrals and provide counselling that makes a difference.
  • Build networks, engage stakeholders and advocate so LGBTIQA+ people can feel safe, affirmed, and connected by family and within their local communities.

Regional members of the rainbow community are more at risk

An adolescent rainbow-questioning person is far more at risk than a non-questioning person when it comes to mental health, un-wellness, suicidality, and self-harm.Regional Australians, regardless of their sexual or gender identity, are also more at risk of facing these issues, and are far more limited in terms of mental health services.

Therefore, regional rainbow community Australians are doubly at risk and have less access to supportsthan their metropolitan counterparts. Qspace provides a lifeline for regional Australians of the rainbow community, where they can get access to therapeutic services and simply talk to someone who understands them.

Since there are less LGBTQIA+ services and less mental health services in regional Victoria, Qspace provides a desperately-needed network for the rainbow community in remote areas.

How do rainbow community members access Qspace?

The Qspace service is funded by the Victorian Government. Anyone can jump online and visit the Qspace network and request counselling support. Somebody will be in touch within four or so weeks to conduct an intake interview to find out whether the service will be helpful, and to find out more about them. Then the file gets allocated to one of our practitioners. We have five partnerships across the state of Victoria.

This position, located in Mildura opens up an opportunity for rainbow community members, their family and carers to get the support they need.

What’s the role like?

Working for Qspace, you have the chance to make a huge positive impact on the lives of many rainbow community members living in rural and potentially disadvantaged areas.

We spoke to Qspace specialist, and LGBTQIA+ therapist, Andrew Macdonald about what it’s like to be part of this super special program:

In this role I have the absolute privilege to sit beside folks from the rainbow community, their families and their carers, and support them through therapeutic counselling, both brief and longer-term interventions.

As a rainbow community member who was bullied and had a pretty rough experience, knowing that I’m making a difference in the lives of these families or individuals fills my cup. Of course, it’s a challenging role and sometimes that cup gets drained, but it’s a really meaningful role and a really inclusive organisation to be a part of.

Experiences from the Qspace network

As a Qspace specialist, you’ll have the chance to enjoy some pretty incredible achievements and special experiences. Some of the amazing work we’ve overseen includes:

  • Improving the mental health and wellbeing of clients
  • Supporting schools and educators to be more inclusive
  • Helping parents understand gender, sex and sexuality and better support their children

Work with local community groups in making regional Victoria more affirming and inclusive.

As a Qspace specialist, these are the types of things you’ll have the opportunity to work on every day. It’s a challenging role that comes with great responsibility but, with your expertise, we can change lives for the better.

Come work for Qspace!

Ready to use your counselling superpowers to become a champion of the rainbow community where there’s a desperate need for local heroes? Qspace is ready to make this happen.

Head to our careers page, click apply and submit your resume with a cover letter through the portal. Describe your passion for working LGBTIQA+ people and your motivation to apply.

For a detailed position description, click here:  Mallee – LGBTIQA+ Practitioner

For further enquiries contact Andrew Macdonald on 03 5421 2021 or andrew.macdonald@anglicarevic.org.au

Qspace looks forward to building a better world with you.

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