SPECIAL REPORT: Post-pandemic recovery fund ensures no one is left behind on the long road back to normality.

The ongoing COVID-19 lockdowns have been like a pressure cooker. While the movement restrictions have stopped many thousands of people from getting the virus, they worsened difficult situations for many vulnerable people.

If we’ve learned anything from the last two years, it is to expect the unexpected. Even if the vaccination race of 2021 means many of Victoria’s shuttered businesses will reopen again next year, the road to recovery will be lengthy. Our research indicates that it will be a long road back for all those families who have been forced to access government support for the first time, from women fleeing family violence to children recovering from traumatic childhoods. But we know that the care provided by Anglicare Victoria staff at the point of crisis is effective in shortening the length and severity of the challenges families and young people face.

With the help of our donors and supporters, Anglicare Victoria has created a Pandemic Recovery Fund. It will help vulnerable people affected more severely by the impacts of the pandemic by paying for some of the things that fall outside the scope of the funding we already receive. The funds will be directed wherever there is the greatest need and ensure that we can all come back from COVID-19 stronger and more resilient than when it started.

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