Students volunteer to give swimming lessons

When Kardinia International College Year 12 student Sophie* heard that the young refugee Lily* whom she was mentoring did not know how to swim, she decided to help her learn.

Sophie is one of several volunteers from the school that are part of The Homework Club Program at St Andrew’s Anglican Church in Corio. The program began in 2010 when Geelong Grammar School and Kardinia International College asked staff and students to mentor and tutor school-aged children from new Australian families.

Anglicare Victoria supports the club and provides English language conversation, reading practice, homework help and any other support needed.

Sophie, who is a registered swimming teacher, was concerned for the safety of Lily and the other refugee children. She spoke to a fellow student and together they volunteered their time to offer swimming lessons to the Homework Club participants.

After a thorough process of presenting the idea to the school, determining numbers of interested learners, organising transport, and developing lesson plans; a four-week swimming course was born.

Eight young students were able to take advantage of the swimming program, which proved to be a rewarding experience for all.

The Homework Club Program is one of 192 Parish Partnerships that Anglicare Victoria runs in partnership with a local parish to meet important local community needs. If you are interested in starting a parish partnership at your local parish, please contact us on 9412 6107.

*Names have been changed.

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