Understanding The Needs Of Foster Children

All children generally need the same building blocks to grow into healthy, happy adults. However, when it comes to foster children, these essential factors of development are needed even more so – due to the tough start in life which many of these kids experience.


Given that foster children are more vulnerable in this way than most other children, it’s vital that foster carers have a thorough understanding of the needs of each foster child.

Here, Anglicare Victoria can help you assess the needs of foster children and make suggestions about what you can do to make a difference to the lives of children in Victoria.


What to keep in mind when assessing the needs of foster children

  • Every child is different
    Every child needs love and support, no matter what, but it’s also true that each child has different individual needs. The best method of support for one child may not be the best way for the next, so it’s vital to remember that there’s no exact universal way of delivering high quality care to foster children.
  • Be patient
    Patience is one of the key qualities that foster carers need to exercise when understanding the needs of foster children. The individual needs of foster children don’t always reveal themselves immediately, which is why patience is so important when assessing what foster children need the most.

The important foundations which foster kids need:

All children need to develop emotional, mental and physical foundations. Here are the most important foundational needs of foster children:

All children deserve to grow up in a loving home, with parents who love them unconditionally. Sadly, not every child is lucky enough to receive this. Many foster kids have experienced neglect when it comes to love, so it’s the role of a foster carer to deliver this.

Supportive, empathetic environment
The overwhelming majority of foster kids have lacked a supportive and empathetic environment in one way or another. A safe and supportive environment is therefore a critical need of all foster children. Empathy plays a role in this, foster children need to be understood in order to be properly supported.

Positive reinforcement and encouragement
Foster children who have had a tough start to life are often more vulnerable to confidence and self-esteem issues than children who have been raised in nurturing family environments. One universal need of foster children is positive reinforcement and encouragement.

Education is another key building block of the needs of foster children. Stressful experiences, neglect and abuse at home can have a negative impact on a child’s ability to perform at school. It’s common for children to become indifferent and unmotivated at school when going through family troubles and we see how important it is for foster carers to pay close attention to their foster children’s education.

And, finally, foster carers must understand the need for good nutrition for foster children. Just like emotional and physical outlets, foster children need a nutritious, balanced diet to grow up healthy and strong.

Contact your local agency today

If you’re passionate about making a significant impact on the community, Anglicare Victoria is here to guide you on the rewarding journey of foster care. Our mission is to empower and support children who’ve had a tough start to life by giving them safe, loving foster homes all over Victoria. If you’re interested in becoming a foster carer, contact our Carer Recruitment Team and enquire about applying today.

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