A parish partnership involves Anglican dioceses and parishes, and Anglicare Victoria working together to address local community needs to transform people’s lives. These partnerships aim to build safe, empowering and healthy communities.

Partnering with AV enables parishes to fulfil part of their mission in showing God’s love and care of the local community through community action. The services they provide to vulnerable children, families and young people include:

Emergency Relief and Material Aid

AV and Parish churches across most dioceses, both suburban and country, are involved in providing emergency relief services to Victorians in immediate crisis.

They provide comfort and stability in the form of food parcels, vouchers and financial assistance. At the 17 Emergency Relief Centre’s, clients are also offered advice and referrals to other relevant services such as financial counselling.

Many Emergency Relief Centre’s work closely with local Parishes who also provide drop in facilities.

Homeless Support

Homeless Support Services provide relief and support to people throughout Victoria. Programs include Community meals, laundry and shower facilities and drop in recreation activities.

Youth Engagement

Anglicare Victoria runs a range of non-indigenous and indigenous youth engagement programs for young people from around Victoria.

One of these is the Buldau Yioohgen Youth Indigenous Leadership Academy, a program which supports young Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people as they strive towards their educational, employment and leadership goals.

Other parish partnerships include breakfast clubs, Lego brick clubs, learning groups, homework clubs and community participation programs through local schools. Here young people gain confidence, skills and develop strong relationships with their local communities.

Prison Support

With Anglicare Victoria’s support the Diocesan and Parish Partnership program delivers Prison Chaplaincy, as well as ‘pre’ and post-release programs, to all Victorian prisons. Chaplaincy can contribute to prisoners’ rehabilitation and readiness to return to society.

Anglicare Victoria facilitates the Get Out for Good program with Parish Partnerships. This post release prison program help offender’s transition from prison to community and aim to break the cycle of reoffending and returning to custody.

Community Programs and Activities

Our Parish Partnerships facilitate a broad range of community support programs. These include Refugee families and New Immigrant Support, homework clubs and tutoring and fundraising events throughout the year.

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