Prison Chaplaincy

As part of the Anglican Criminal Justice Ministry, Prison Chaplains visit Victoria’s 16 prisons and 2 juvenile detention centres, offering emotional and spiritual support.

Chaplains listen and talk with prisoners who may feel lost or abandoned. Support and friendship is also available to families before, during and after legal proceedings, as well as to offenders. Chaplaincy can contribute to prisoners’ rehabilitation and readiness to return to society.

Chaplaincy Services include:

  • Religious support, spiritual and pastoral care services for prisoners.
  • Run programs which promote spiritual and personal growth.
  • Conduct religious services, rituals and ceremonies.
  • Help prisoners deal with loss and grief.
  • Helping prisoners to come to terms with their situation and to make a commitment to improve their lives.
  • Support and advocate for prisoners or their families on matters of spiritual and pastoral concern in relation to prisoner treatment and prison procedures, management or policy.

Support for Families of Offenders

For prisoner’s families and loved ones, feelings of isolation, guilt and shame can be prevalent at this time. Chaplains also provide non-judgemental, emotional support to prisoner’s family members which they say is hugely beneficial as they navigate through this difficult process.

Get Out for Good Program

Get out for Good is a post release prison program. Volunteer mentors help offenders transition from prison to community and aim to break the cycle of reoffending and returning to custody.

Mentors can help with:

  • Assisting participants with making appointments with necessary health and wellbeing services (including drug, alcohol and mental health services)
  • Encouraging participants to be pro-social and participate with everyday life
  • Helping reconnect to their family and community
  • Supporting participants to abide by community orders and/or parole conditions
  • Empowering participants to overcome negative experiences in their lives

We are always on the lookout for volunteers to assist with this program. Please enquire via the volunteer page to learn more about supporting people as they adjust to life after prison.

Program Locations

Gippsland | 0458 450 370 | Warrnambool | 0428 230 186

Justice Sunday

Justice Sunday is an agreed time when Anglican churches in the Dioceses across the Province of Victoria mark the work of Prison Chaplains and Get Out for Good mentors.  It is generally held on the fourth week after Easter Sunday each year (usually first weekend in May).  This is a time to focus on promoting the work of Anglican prison chaplains and Get Out for Good volunteers in our churches.

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