When life gets tough, Anglicare Victoria is here to help.

We welcome individuals, families and young people seeking emergency provisions and emotional support in times of hardship, no matter what they’re going through.

We know that unexpected difficulties can fall on any of us, at any time. And we understand that in those times, knowing that you are not alone can offer the first glimpse of hope. We support people from all walks of life as they regain their strength and move towards independence.

Whether experiencing sudden financial hardship or break-downs in relationships; whether in need of health support or safety, our dedicated volunteers and staff support fellow Victorian’s, however we can.

18 Emergency Relief Centres across Victoria

Our Emergency Relief centres provide an array of immediate assistance including groceries, clothing, financial assistance and counselling, and access to our first-class support services.

We understand that ultimately it’s the kindness and human connection that makes the biggest difference during personal crises. Our clients appreciate the warm smiles, welcoming waves and friendly chats as much as our hot coffee and cooked breakfasts.

We know that anyone can experience testing chapters in life—often through no fault of their own. We are here to help because we have seen how things can improve from even the toughest of situations if those in need receive a touch of kindness at just the right time. Whenever a crisis occurs we are here to assist.

Contact your local Emergency Relief centre to find out how we can support you at this time.

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