We offer you non-judgemental, free and confidential financial information, counselling and advocacy.

Right now, we are helping thousands of people across the state—just like you—to get back to normality and regain their financial wellbeing.

Everyone needs help from time to time—and that’s ok. Maybe it’s a few surprise bills during a difficult time, or perhaps you’re dealing with long-term challenges. Whatever your situation, we’ll stand beside you as you get things back in order.

Things might be hard for you right now, but we know that you can overcome your challenges, however big they may seem today.


We can help anyone under financial pressure:

  • Anyone unable to meet their ongoing expenses.
  • Anyone facing sudden or long-term unemployment; working or retired. (AV’s financial counselling services are not means-tested.)
  • Anyone with debt or financial problems that are negatively affecting their financial security, mental or physical health.
  • Anyone that has an injury or disability affecting their ability to earn or stay in control of their finances.
  • Anyone with affected housing, employment or financial security due to recent crises such as the 2020 Bushfires, or COVID-19.


Our qualified and dedicated Financial Counsellors will review your financial situation and provide information and options for better decision making. They may also advocate on your behalf where necessary.

Get real help
We understand that you may be facing more than just financial problems; we know that asking for help can be hard—that’s why we start with listening. Come in and tell us what’s been going on for you; you’ll be in safe hands.

Remove stress from your life
Our staff will provide tips and tools for making the most out of your money. We can provide helpful information and ideas to stay on top of your mortgage, bills and food while keeping a little spare for the fun things in life.

Deal to your debt
We can suggest payment plans for overdue fines or electricity debts, help deal with credit card and loan repayments and give information on the bankruptcy process. If debt collectors are contacting you, we may contact companies on your behalf.

Find support
We have one of the largest Financial Counselling networks in the state. We aim to respond within 48 hours of receiving your contact. Our Financial Counsellors can make assessments on your financial situation and provide dedicated assistance.



If you have lost employment due to COVID-19 Contact Centrelink to discuss your options, you may be best to do this via their website.

You can also contact the National Debt Helpline 1800 007 007 to discuss your options or visit MoneySmart for lots more financial tips, tools and information during these challenging times.

2020 Bushfires

For those affected by the recent bushfires in Gippsland or North East, our Financial Counsellors are providing outreach services from government-supported community hubs. Our Financial Counsellors can assist you with information and options concerning your insurance claim. Please contact our dedicated bushfire support:

Financial Counselling in Gippsland 1800 286 260

Financial Counselling in the North East 1800 244 323

Chat to our Financial Counselling Team

The first step to finding financial clarity is talking to someone who cares. Book an appointment with our Financial Counsellors for a chat over the phone or in person.

Please note an interpreter service is available.


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