Beyond The Violence helps families establish safety, rebuild relationships and move forward with their lives after violence. This 8 week program is for non-offending parents and their children who have experienced family violence. The program is conducted with two groups running simultaneously – one for parents and one for children. Both groups offer parents and children the opportunity to share and learn ways to cope with particular behaviours in age appropriate ways to encourage engagement.

The program helps parents to:

  • Understand the impacts of the past violence on themselves and their children
  • Gain strategies for building resilience and reshaping life pathways
  • Explore ways to rebuild or establish trust within the family
  • Take steps to establish or re-establish appropriate parent/child relationships
  • Develop strategies to handle children’s behaviours and emotions

The program helps children to:

  • Learn positive and supportive behaviours
  • Build confidence and recognise their strengths
  • Learn new ways of problem solving and managing uncomfortable emotions

Parents and children conclude each session by coming together for sharing time where they:

  • Find hope and set goals for the future
  • Rebuild trust within the family
  • Strengthen relationships

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