Sometimes there are challenges that make it hard to go to school every day. Things like having trouble learning or concentrating, problems at home, feeling uncomfortable at school, struggling with emotions and mental health, or simply having trouble communicating with teachers or classmates. When faced with these issues, young people often need intensive support to enable them to overcome these barriers and return to education.

The Navigator Program is a targeted education support service whereby case managers work with young people, their families and schools, to enable them to achieve their educational goals. It is a support service rather than a teaching service.

How the Navigator Program works:

  • The young person is assigned a case manager and they work together in a place that suits the young person – at home, at school or at a café.
  • Case managers help to identify and utilise the young person’s strengths and skills to make school a more positive experience.
  • They provide coaching and mentoring to enhance the young person’s wellbeing and develop resilience, self-efficacy and social skills.
  • Case managers work with the young person, their family, carers and school to reduce or remove the barriers that prohibit school attendance.
  • Once the young person is back attending school they are monitored to ensure sustained engagement.

Those eligible for the Navigator Program are:

  • Are aged between 12 and 17 years of age
  • Have attended less than 30% of the previous school term or equivalent time period (if enrolled in a school)
  • Either live in or have most recently been enrolled in an education setting in a current Navigator Areas.

Referral to the Navigator Program:

The Navigator program is an initiative of the Victorian Government. Referrals can be made via email through the DET online tool or by contacting the DET Navigator Coordinator in your area. For further information please contact the appropriate AV office and ask to speak with a Navigator worker:

AV’s Western Melbourne Navigator and Loddon Campaspe Navigator programs are now delivering Junior Navigator pilots which support 10 & 11 year old children. The existing process to refer and criteria for eligibility still apply. For further information please contact their respective numbers above or apply via the DE website via the links provided.

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