Home Interaction Program for Parents & Youngsters (HIPPY) helps parents understand the important role they play in their child’s learning. This FREE, two year program empowers and supports parents during the crucial early years, giving children the best chance of a successful early school experience.

Families enter the program the year before their child begins school, usually around 3½ to 4 years of age. The First Year of the program provides children with 30 weeks of activities which support literacy and numeracy skills. The Second Year extends these activities and provides parents with additional information about children’s learning and development.

HIPPY helps create a learning environment at home to encourage a love of learning. Parents are encouraged to read, play and do fun HIPPY activities with their child at home.

How the HIPPY Program works:

  • Families receive a free set of activity packs and storybooks
  • A trained home tutor makes fortnightly visits to the home, or in the community, to demonstrate the activities to parents or carers
  • Parents and carers spend about 10-15 minutes per day doing fun activities with their child
  • Fortnightly group meetings to practice activities, listen to guest speakers and meet other parents and carers doing the program.

Benefits for children

  • Providing fun learning activities to enjoy with their parents/carers
  • Encourages a love of learning
  • Prepares children for school by developing skills and concentration
  • Builds self-esteem and confidence

Program Locations & Contact details

Bendigo | 03 5440 1100 or 0407 049 385 | christi.stevenson@anglicarevic.org.au

Gippsland (Latrobe Valley) | 03 5135 9555 or 0499 057 601 | HIPPY.Latrobe@anglicarevic.org.au

Please note: Our HIPPY program in Gippsland prioritises working with people from the local Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community.

Home Interaction Program for Parents & Youngsters

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