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The ParentZone Pods identify common issues parents bring to our parenting groups and explores these in detail. We not only discuss the issues and concerns parents bring, but also offer strategies parents can try in these situations. These podcasts recognise that parenting is the toughest and most important job there is! Children don’t come with a manual, and sometimes parents seek guidance in ways to support their children and improve the family unit as a whole.

Hosts Anita Weber and Laurie Arrowsmith are Qualified Parent Group Facilitators at ParentZone. Every week, they work with parents and carers, supporting them with a variety of parenting issues and concerns.

At ParentZone, we offer carers and parents a chance to develop and strengthen their parenting skills and create positive change in their family. We provide free parenting groups, workshops, resources, and training for parents, and the professionals who work with them. Our skilled and experienced facilitators tailor the sessions to meet the interests of each group.

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Podcast Episodes

Episode 1: Family meetings

This episode will explore what family meetings are and how to make them successful.

Episode 2: Dealing with anxiety

During this episode we explore what anxiety is for our kids and the best ways to support them when they are feeling anxious.

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