Anglicare Victoria unreservedly apologises for the historical adoption practices of its predecessor agencies, that separated mothers from their babies, and children from their families. The lifelong legacy of pain and suffering experienced through these practices is immense.

The profound impact of the decisions at the time is acknowledged. The loss, grief and disempowerment experienced by all, as witnessed by our current services, was, and is, tragic. We deeply regret past practices and offer a sincere apology to the mothers, children, fathers, grandparents, families and their communities who were impacted by the ‘ripple effect’ that historical forced adoptions have caused.

We acknowledge those mothers who suffered trauma and abuse when their baby was placed for adoption. We acknowledge the pain of separation and the loss felt by them at the time and in subsequent years. And to those who were adopted or removed, and where you were raised in a culture that was not your own, Anglicare Victoria offers you an apology.

We recognise the loss of rights, the loss of family and the loss of personal history that has occurred.

We are committed to responding to those who have been impacted as a result of past adoption practices and will continue to directly offer support and referral to services that can facilitate healing.

A copy of our historical adoption statement is also available to download.

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